Mira deals nearly 65% with no meter, has a Spiral Arrow, bat projectiles, and air dash, but hurts herself using most of it in Killer Instinct season 3

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 22, 2016 at 2:47 p.m. PDT

Killer Instinct Season 3's newest fighter has fully been unveiled. Mira, the blood sucking vampiress, was given a proper character breakdown at PAX East earlier this morning courtesy of the Iron Galaxy crew.

During the broadcast, we were treated to an explanation of each move Mira has in her arsenal, as well as some footage of her in battle. So, let's recap what Mira has to offer in Killer Instinct Season 3.

As many know by now, Mira is actually Maya's sister. She sacrificed herself to save Maya, and has since returned as ruthless vampire equipped with a gauntlet that allows her to pull off some powerful techniques.

According to the developers, Mira is a really strong character. She is a glass cannon character that belts out huge damage, but also comes with huge risk in almost everything she does.

General notes

• MP has really good range. It slashes forward with a sliver mist-like effect that hits the opponent.
• Cr. MK is also really strong. It has great range and is button that Mira players should definitely use.
• St. HP and B+HP are very similar to Maya’s.
• Mira has no command normal overhead attacks, meaning that opponents will only have to be on the look out for mid and low normal attacks when she is grounded.
• Mira does insane damage with no meter. She can net 65% damage with a standard lockout combo.
• She also has an air dash that can be used multiple times in succession when coupled with some of her other techniques.

Combat Trait

Mira's Combat Trait comes in the form of recoverable damage. Certain attacks that Mira performs inflict recoverable damage on her and she has to perform other moves to generate that health back. This is not to be confused with potential damage, that which affects everyone in Killer Instinct Season 3.

Many of Mira's attacks inflict recoverable damage on her, including her projectile, Reaping special move, air dash, and more. She can recover her health by using her Embrace command throw and its Ender.

When Mira runs out of health, she will begin wasting recoverable health for any moves that require it. But if Mira finds herself completely out of health, any attempts to use said moves will come out as the version that doesn’t require blood to use or will be completely off limits.

Click images for animated versions

Special moves

Embrace is Mira's command throw that recovers her recoverable health, but doesn’t actually deal damage to the opponent. The light version remains on the ground and starts in 5 frames.

Medium is an anti-air, while heavy leaps forward and has decent range. The shadow version also leaps forward and is really fast, making it difficult to react to.

Using Embrace as an ender gives you more health back depending on the level of the combo.

QCF+P is her Blood Seekers projectile. Mira shoots three bats at the opponent at varying speeds.

The MP version tracks your opponent’s last location, and HP always tracks the opponent. The bats move slowly, making for an annoying obstacle on the screen. To balance this move, bats disappear when Mira is hit.

Shadow Blood Seekers creates a geyser of bats that keeps the opponent in place and allows Mira to follow up with attacks, put on pressure, etc. Blood Seekers is Mira's wall splat ender. -

Her Reaping special move is performed by inputting QCB+P. This is a spinning, two-hit attack that changes depending on the button press.

LP hits two mid attacks, MP hits mid – low, and HP hits mid – overhead and will recapture airborne opponents. It is almost impossible to react to the variation between MP and HP, so this move must be shadow countered.

Shadow Reaper is a typical cash out ender that will net you your damage on juggles and has a couple of frames of invincibility on start up. Reaper linkers are the easiest in the game to break, and this move is Mira's damage ender.

QCF+K is a long-range Spiral Arrow-type attack. The LK version is very unsafe on block, but will travel under projectiles. MK is -1 on block and crosses through the opponent, while HK ends with a backflip that hits and is +2 on block.

The HK version works well for command throw and pressure set ups. The shadow version, however, works like the LK version, but has actual projectile invincibility. Every version except LK inflicts recoverable damage, and both MK and HK linkers cost blood as well. This attack is Mira's launcher ender.

Pressing all three punch buttons activates Mist Form. Mira becomes a cloud of mist for a short period of time and travels across the screen.

She can move in all different directions when using Mist Form, but this also inflicts recoverable damage when used. Luckily, Mira is fully invulnerable during this state, making it a solid reversal tool.

A powerful set up uses Mira's air dash, transitions into Mist Form, then uses air dash again. Mist Form allows for Mira to perform two air dashes in one go.

Instinct Mode

Mira's Instinct mode automatically summons a bat that tracks the opponent. This bat does not deal any recoverable damage to Mira, and she can still throw Blood Seeker bats while the Instinct bat is on screen.

Her Instinct bat will also go away when Mira is hit, though.

In Instinct mode, Mira can also air dash as many times as she wants in succession.

And lastly, hitting HP+HK during Instinct Mode will launch a cloud of mist (Shroud) that will latch onto the opponent. This deals potential damage to them and recovers Mira’s recoverable damage. Shroud will disappear if Mira is hit.

As of right now, there is no concrete release date for Mira. She is still expected sometime this month.

Source: Iron Galaxy.
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