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Wao perfects Mago in Street Fighter 5; One of the world's best Oni players is back with Ken

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • April 17, 2016 at 11:58 a.m. PDT • Comments: 28

It's funny how your eyes can play tricks on you sometimes. Or at least, that's what I think is happening to me as I watch this excellent smorgasbord of Wao's Street Fighter 5 Ken moments, put together by Toitoi123.

Wao, of course, is one of Japan's foremost authorities on Oni in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Toitoi123 would even go as far as to consider Wao the world's greatest Oni player.

Unfortunately, Oni is not a playable character in SF5 at the moment. So Wao's character of choice here has been Ken thus far. But the way he's been playing Ken in SF5 has been strikingly similar to the way he controlled Oni.

To the extent that, as I watch the Wao compilation video, for a moment I thought Ken performed Oni's forward+HP attack from USF4.

That's not possible, of course -- it's just that the way Wao's Ken shimmies back and forth reminded me so much of his Oni that I found myself seeing a flashback of his USF4 Oni play.
Similar to how he used to play Oni, Wao's Ken is able to put out an immense amount of pressure on his opponent simply by walking back and forth, and dashing in on opportune moments.

Ken's speedy forward dashes and V-Skill are put to fantastic use here; Wao even ends up getting a Perfect round against Mago.

On top of the compilation video, Toitoi123 has also put together a second video containing four games between Wao's Ken and Mago's Karin.

Moving forward it'll be interesting to see if Wao's Ken tactics evolve in a different direction than those used by other Ken players, especially since the Japanese player is one who has not completely abandoned USF4; ever since SF5 came out, Wao has been switching back and forth between the two games on a regular basis, as USF4 is still being played actively at his local arcade.

So far, switching back and forth between SF5 and USF4 has not affected his sense of timing for either game, Wao comments on Twitter. Although he did mention that more recently he's starting to see his throw attempts in USF4 whiff (due to mistiming) a lot more often.

Source: Toitoi123.
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