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Nemo: King of Fighters 14's 'feel' is quite close to KoF 98 and 2002, lands devastating 16-hit Kula combo

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • April 16, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 47

A King of Fighters 14 public hands-on event is slated to take place in Tokyo later this month. To give fighting game fans in Japan a taste of what to expect when they go hands-on with SNK's latest, Famitsu recently hosted a 90-minute-long stream where special guest Naoki "Nemo" Nemoto, who took the game's latest build out for a spin.

Unfortunately, this build of KoF 14 only contained nine playable characters (the upcoming hands-on event demo will feature 25): Kyo, Iori, Kula, King, Leona, Chang, Robert, Billy Kane and Andy Bogard.

Nevertheless, as this was presumably Nemo's first time going hands-on with KoF 14, there was plenty for the master combo maestro to explore -- scroll through the video embedded below if you'd interested in what Nemo found.

If you're instead more interested in seeing what real matches in KoF 14 feel like, skip over to the time code 1:28:30 in the video below to check out the three full, real matches Nemo played against the Famitsu editor at the end of the session.

In one of these matches, Nemo was able to hit-confirm from a crouching light kick into a devastating 16-hit Max Mode combo that took away 50% of his opponent's health in one smooth operation. Here's the moment in question:

Click image for animated sequence

And here's the full video archive; Nemo is playing from the 2P side.
After the stream, Nemo also put up a new entry on his blog to share a few more thoughts on the game.

In terms of the feel of the game, Nemo says that KoF 14 is quite close to KoF 98 and KoF 2002. As he was someone who spent quite a bit of time with the KoF series in the past, he definitely felt a tinge of nostalgia, and was very comfortable with the demo's characters pretty much right from the get go.

With that said, he did wish that he had more time to explore the new mechanics introduced in KoF 14, such as being able to splatter your opponent onto the wall to extend combos, and the new Just Guard mechanic.

Nemo also liked the way you could extend combos with EX moves, which are only available when in Max Mode. Overall, he feels that the level of difficulty for performing combos has decreased, so more players should have an easier time enjoying the new game.

Outside of KoF 14, Nemo has also been spending quite a bit of time with Vega in Street Fighter 5, and will be making his SF5 tournament debut later this month in two tournaments in Japan; hopefully it won't be very long before we see Nemo make his Capcom Pro Tour 2016 debut as well.

Source: Famitsu via KarinSF4.
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