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Spanish Smash scene very close to banning Bayonetta from tournament play

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 6, 2016 at 2:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 71

Bayonetta entered the Smash universe very recently as part of Smash 4's final batch of DLC characters, and it hasn't taken players long to discover that she's strong... maybe too strong.

The competitive Smash scene in Spain is debating banning the character from competitive play, and it seems as though the popular vote is swinging heavily in favor of the ban.

Bayonetta has a knack for taking lives at fairly low percentages, and though she seems to have weaknesses on paper, players have found ways of circumventing them effectively making the Umbra Witch incredibly powerful in competent hands.

Though they aren't expecting the rest of the world to necessarily follow, many Spanish Smashers are beginning to feel that the character does not fit within their community. Top Spanish player Grewardz has lain out a list of reasons as to why the community has grown tired of Bayonetta.
"When just ~7% of votes are against actually banning her (rest is either yes or I dunno) she is toxic. If left allowed, a lot of people would drop out of the tournaments, scene and the game, and thus it's not worth it to have her allowed. This is what I mean as toxic," says Grewardz.

"Banning Bayonetta won't be very detrimental to our community, at worst there is only one or two players who would stop attending. It might be detrimental for competing outside of our country, but that's it."

He continues on by going into the specific details that have motivated the popular thought,

"She's fundamentally a pretty unfair character. Her weakness should be her neutral due to her bad frame data and run/air speed. in practice this just doesn't happen.

Having a high risk gameplan is by no means unique and that's what Bayo seems like looking at her numbers. In practice this is not what happens. Her bad frame data and movement SHOULD make her approach options bad and her OOS similarly bad.

In practice jump cancel Witch Twist completely removes the problems she should have OOS. On top of this her Downward After Burner Kick is relatively safe on shield (due to the bounce) and has a landing hitbox making it relatively hard to punish while having the potential to lead to a zero-death. Witch twist leads to similar setups."

There are still those who disagree with the idea of striking the character from tournament play. You can see Geward's full statements along with some counter arguments over on Reddit.

TSM|ZeRo, Smash 4's strongest player worldwide, has offered a list of anti-Bayonetta tech on his Twitter, indirectly indicating that he doesn't feel the need for a ban.

We'd love to hear what you have to say on the matter, and whether or not you feel such drastic measures need be taken for this new Smash fighter. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit via Nintendolife. Submitted by LordAkira and Murpadurp.
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