Valmaster dominates out of the gate, Luffy keeps coming back and Problem X is simply unstoppable; Hypespotting Street Fighter 5 highlights

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 3, 2016 at 7:58 p.m. PDT | Comments: 79

Capcom Pro Tour continued this weekend with Hypespotting 5 in Glasglow, Scotland. We've revisited the top eight competition in Street Fighter 5 to bring you some of the most exciting and impressive moments.

Hurricane Rocks you like a... Hurricane

UM|Hurricane and Packz found themselves battling it out to stay alive in the losers bracket of top eight. In the third round of the first game, Hurricane scored two shimmy standing fierce punches for some ridiculous damage.

The feeling of absolute helplessness reigns over this round in no small way.

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Button Checks?

Similar to our first highlight, our second sees YP|Valmaster bowl over Afii with almost no resistance.

The sequence was so overpowering that a few onlookers weren't sure if the match had started, or if this was just a button check. Necalli's oppressive nature is a major threat against character's with few reversal answers, and we see a very clear example of that here.

Luffy's Comebacks

The 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4 EVO champion, RB|Luffy, absolutely made things interesting in just about every round he won against Hurricane.

Not once, not twice but three times did Luffy come from behind with his R. Mika. We've already seen some incredible Mika sequences in other CPT events, as the character spends life guessing her way in, but then wreaks all kinds of havoc once close.

Problem X Can't Be Stopped

We couldn't make a highlights post without featuring this man. PxP|Problem X carried his M. Bison through the entire tournament, dominating opponents left and right with a character not often seen in top eights up until this point.

Problem X took on Luffy in Grand Finals, and though the French competitor put up quite a fight, X would prove too strong to be stopped. Problem took the tournament from the winner's bracket, consistently running over opponents with sequences like the one below.

Source: VersusScotland.
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