Street Fighter 5's Fight Money can be earned through daily challenges and leveling up characters

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 27, 2015 at 11:17 a.m. PDT | Comments: 59

The new Street Fighter 5 details continue to flood in, as Haunts over at Capcom Unity has released information on how the game's Fight Money will work.

Though pricing and Fight Money accumulation rates are still being solidified, we now know how players will be able to earn the in-game currency.

Players will have two main ways of earning Fight Money: completing daily goals and leveling up characters.

Every day, players will be assigned new daily challenges when logging into the Street Fighter 5 client. These goals will mostly consist of landing a certain amount of attacks or maneuvers throughout the day, and the amount of money rewarded will be higher for more difficult challenges.
Capcom notes that they are aiming to have players earn Fight Money through single player and multi-player modes. This is where leveling up individual characters comes in.

By playing a variety of modes, characters will increase in level the more you play. This will in no way affect game balance; this is simply a way to indicate how much time and experience has been put into a certain fighter.

Every time a character reaches a new level, a Fight Money bonus will be rewarded. The early levels will be easily obtainable, but expect a rise in difficulty as your character progresses.

According to the blog post, those who experiment with different characters will be rewarded. So, if you're looking to unlock DLC characters with Fight Money, be sure to complete daily challenges, level up different characters, and play the game frequently.

Of course, all DLC fighters can be purchased instantly by using Zenny -- Street Fighter 5's in-game currency that costs real money.

Source: Capcom Unity.
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