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Snake Eyez not feeling Zangief in Street Fighter 5? Snake, James Chen and more offer their opinions on the upcoming fighter

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 21, 2015 at 8:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 232

With the release of the second beta, the reality that Street Fighter 5 is a major part of the FGC's future is settling in for many people.

We're now up to 14 characters on the roster, and with more and more opportunities to play early versions of the game, people have begun forming their opinions about the future main stage attraction.

Red Bull caught up with notable community members like James Chen and RB|Snake Eyez to get their thoughts on the game in progress. Snake Eyez, known for being the strongest Zangief in the United States, didn't seem too thrilled with Gief thus far.

"The initial excitement may have been tempered a bit once Snake Eyez finally got his hands on the character. Aside from Zangief’s Cyclone Lariat V-Trigger, not much appealed to Snake Eyez." The article goes on to offer a few of Snake's direct words on the matter.

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Snake Eyez

Snake expresses that he feels many of the characters and their styles are too similar, and that the game may need a dose of variety before things are all said and done.

Going back to Zangief, Snake doesn't think that most of the character's moves are all that good, and that he calls for too much of a constant flow of button pressing.

“It sounds like they’re trying to get rid of the lame aspect of the game and they want something to be happening all the time," said the Zangief player. Snake is known for his patience in the neutral, so it'll be interesting to see if his style is hindered by SF5's pace.

James Chen

Long time FGC commentator James Chen also chimes in to give his impressions of SF5 at its current state. He first mentions that he's most excited to play Laura, noting that she seems to fit nicely within the game's more offense-heavy style.

He has his own reservations though, particularly in the execution department. As many are already aware, Street Fighter 5 has a very low execution standard, meaning it's easy to perform most combos and sequences. This was a bit of a turn off for Chen,

“I come from a different place when it comes to execution. I like it. I like hard things to do.” He worries that this may ultimately bore competitors and onlookers alike, though it's certainly early to make final judgements.

It's likely going to come down to whether or not other aspects of the game can make up in the hype department for its ease in execution.
If you've had any experience playing, or just watching, Street Fighter 5 we'd like to hear what you think at this point as well. Do you agree with any of the contributors above?

You can read the entire article over at Red Bull, which features inputs from a few more community members.
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