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Capcom confirms that Street Fighter 5's final 'classic' character isn't limited to SF2; so... who the hell is it?!

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 16, 2015 at 4:59 p.m. PDT • Comments: 246

Street Fighter 5 is set to launch with 16 characters on the playable roster. At this moment in time, 14 of those characters have been revealed, and the final two have been described as a brand new character to the franchise and a "classic character you'd expect to see in a Street Fighter game."

Since the chances of accurately predicting what a brand new character will look and play like are damn near impossible, fans everywhere have been actively attempting to decipher Capcom's hints and figure out who the remaining returning fighter will be.

For some time now, many suspected that this character will be pulled from the Street Fighter 2 roster, considering that this generation of warriors is found in Street Fighter titles more often than others. However, in a recent interview Capcom's Director of Brand Marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, had something very interesting to say on the matter.

"You pretty much know what the classic characters are," Dahlgren said. "There's mainstays in the series that are pretty much always present."

The interviewer quickly asked Dahlgren if this classic character was limited to the Street Fighter 2 series, to which he replied, "not necessarily."

We currently know that Street Fighter 3 Third Strike characters will be making an appearance in Street Fighter 5, eventually. In fact, Dahlgren said that all different iterations of Street Fighter will be represented in SF5 down the road, and that not having characters from some of these series at launch was "a bit of an oversight."

All of that having been said, we still can't figure out who this final classic character is. We do, however, have some educated guesses...

DreamKing's picks

Juri: As it stands right now, Street Fighter 5 lacks any real zoning characters. Sure, you could argue that Ryu is a zoning character, but his fireball game has been toned down quite a bit in exchange for a better up-close play-style.

I feel that Juri might be in at launch due to her massive popularity. Making her first appearance in Super Street Fighter 4, Juri quickly became a fan favorite and has since appeared in other titles such as Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as the Capcom/Namco RPG -- Project X Zone.

Of the Street Fighter 4 series original characters, Juri is easily one of the most well-known. Her move set could work very well in Street Fighter 5, making her Feng Shui Engine Ultra 1 into V-Trigger and possibly her counter/dodge special moves as V-Skill. She also fills the role of a zoning character, but still keeps with the "in-your-face" atmosphere of Street Fighter 5, using great normals and rushdown to pick apart opponents.

Alex: Alex is one of the most highly requested characters for Street Fighter 5. In our "Which characters do you want to see playable in Street Fighter 5?" poll, readers voted for Alex the most; people want this character.

There is a very slim chance that Capcom isn't aware of this, and it does seem unlikely that we'll see him at launch. At least, that may be what Capcom wants us to think...

At New York Comic Con, Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono stated that he was "made very much aware" of how badly fans want to see Alex return. He went on to say that he'll be taking that information back to Japan and will do everything he can to try to make the dream a reality.

There is a part of me that believes that this all might be a ruse on Capcom's behalf. I feel that they know he's in and want fans to deeply believe that he won't be in at launch, only to say "surprise!" and blow everyone's minds with hype.

I mean, Alex is the most sought after character right now, and requests for him rival the level of Karin, if not, close to it.

MajinTenshinhan's picks

EventHubs' own tournament specialist has a couple of interesting selections as well.

Remy/Dhaslim: Majin's first selection is the mysterious Third Strike Guile-ish fighter, Remy. Citing a similar point, he feels that Street Fighter 5 currently lacks zoning characters.

Capcom mentioned early on that they wanted to have unorthodox choices akin to Birdie, but since Birdie we haven't seen a single character that hasn't been somewhat expected, sans the brand new fighters. The game feels both aesthetically and timeline-wise fairly close to Street Fighter 3, which leads him to believe someone from that game should be in, even though he was convinced earlier on that it would be Alex and Urien.

Additionally, Dahlgren's insistence that "classic character doesn't have to mean SF2" seems strange if the classic character does, like everyone's expecting, end up being from SF2 anyway.

Majin believes that the reason Birdie is in the launch roster is because Capcom knew that as DLC, he wouldn't be particularly popular. He feels that they might be holding off on characters they know fans will be more eager to purchase as DLC, since many players will be buying characters for real money.

When you look at Remy compared to other zoners, he's probably the least likely one to inspire a lot of buyers via DLC. Therefore, it makes much more sense to have him in the roster right away, like with Birdie, and save characters such as Guile and Dhalsim (more well-known characters) for DLC down the road.

However, if this classic character is indeed a World Warrior, Majin feels that Dhalsim would be the most probable choice.

So, who do you think will be Street Fighter 5's final returning character at launch? Let us know in the comments below!
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