Nando's comeback on Snake Eyez, Filipinoman's first round loss and Dieminion's absurd luck; SoCal Regionals day two highlights

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 11, 2015 at 7:22 p.m. PDT

If we've learned anything from day two of SoCal Regionals this year, it's to never put down the stick before a round is officially over. Today's highlights feature an array of surprising sequences wherein the last thing you'd expect to have happen, happens.

Futile vs. Filipinoman

In our first highlight, YP|Filipinoman looks to close things out against fellow SoCal combatant: Futile. Down to the final round, Filipinoman has Futile knocked down with almost no health left.

Surprising just about everyone, Futile wakes up with a close fierce combo that leads into massive damage, and an upset.

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Kazunoko vs. Dieminion

This is the first of two "what just happened?" moments featuring YOMI|Dieminion. It's 1-1 in his set against Kazunoko, and Dieminion loses a lot of life and momentum quickly after Kazunoko rips a full Ultra combo on his wake up.

Kazunoko then puts the pressure on, and opens Dieminion up into a combo that should have finished the round, had Kazunoko not been just a pixel off in his meter management.

Seemingly expecting to have enough meter to Red Focus, Kazunoko's funds fall just short, and he gets regular focus. Surprised, Kaz freezes up, allowing Dieminion to steal the victory back.

Alex Myers vs. Dieminion

Lady Luck would follow Dieminion all day it seems, as his match with Alex Myers held even more of a "what just happened" moment than did his bout with Kazunoko.

Flubbing what looks like an attempt at Flash Kick, FADC Ultra 2, Dieminion accidentally puts his glasses on instead of hitting Myers. This leaves an opening for Myers to close the round out with, but he doesn't.

Instead Myers makes a flub of his own, allowing Dieminion to flail out another Flash Kick, and quickly thereafter finish off his opponent.

Nando vs. Snake Eyez

This may have been the most unbelievable sequence of the tournament, and that's saying something. Down to almost no health, pH|Nando faces the simple task of taking about 80% of RB|Snake Eyez's life bar without taking a single hit.

Nando enters full Fuerte mode, making read after read against the notable Zangief player. Words can't really do this one justice, so we'll let you watch the tape. The two GIFs below are a continuous sequence.

Source: Capcom Fighters.
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