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'None of them are people I can't potentially beat' - Dashio talks Capcom Cup prospects, character choices, Street Fighter 5, Yubiken and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • October 5, 2015 at 5 a.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Note: This interview was conducted in Japanese and subsequently translated by the interviewer.

Since we've just gotten a batch of new people qualified for the 5th Topanga A League, we reached out to get some interviews.

The fourth interview in our series is with YBK|Dashio, who talks about his chances in both Topanga A League and Capcom Cup, what he looks for in a character, his recent affiliation with Yubiken and more.

You'll find a snippet below to get you started.
MajinTenshinhan: You may well be Japan's strongest Seth player, but I've heard that you're very good with other characters as well. When you choose your character in a fighting game, what do you look for?

YBK|Dashio: I try around a lot of characters, and I end up choosing the characters that feel fun and have movement options that fit my playstyle. In Ultra Street Fighter 4, that ended up being Seth.

What I like about Seth is that at any time when you and your opponent are reading eachother, you can turn the tables and have them play right in to your hands because he has so many options.
MajinTenshinhan: How long have you been playing fighting games seriously

YBK|Dashio: The first fighting game tournament I participated in the first national Street Fighter 4 tournament in Japan and, as I recall, I went up against MCZ|Mago's Sagat and beat him to make it into the top 8. That's when I thought "If I can make it this far, could I maybe become the very best if I start playing this really seriously?"

MajinTenshinhan: You had a very impressive run in 2013's Topanga League, but unfortunately we didn't get to see you outside of the final playoffs last year. Are you hoping for a good shot at a comeback this year?

YBK|Dashio: Because of the long sets in the A League, it's largely about adapting to your opponent and countering their strategies, which I think is my field of specialty. I especially want to win against EG|Momochi and MCZ|Daigo since they're so active and doing well lately.

MajinTenshinhan: By winning the tournament at TGS this year, you earned a qualification spot to Capcom Cup. How does it feel to be headed to the big stage, with so many players from all corners of the world competing for such a big prize?

YBK|Dashio: I have no experience with large tournaments abroad, so I'm a bit anxious, but more than that, I'm looking forward to being able to fight strong players from all across the world. I also don't think that any of them are people that I can't potentially beat. I feel confident going into the event.

MajinTenshinhan: Street Fighter 5 will be coming out in the near future. Are you interested in the game, and if so, who do you think you'll be playing?

YBK|Dashio: I'm interested in it. I'm really looking forward to playing a new fighting game from scratch. I don't know who yet, but I'm going to use someone who moves quickly.

MajinTenshinhan: You recently joined up with Yubiken. How do you feel about Yubiken as a team, and are you hoping to bring good success to the team name from now on?

YBK|Dashio: Yubiken is filled with colorful people that really make an impression, which is fun to be a part of. I think that being able to see my own successes in upcoming tournaments also count as Yubiken's successes is the best way to see it.

Huge thanks to YBK|Dashio for agreeing to do this interview with us, and we wish him the best of luck in the upcoming Topanga A League.

Image credit: 5th Topanga B League Opening.

Continue below for the Japanese version. 下に日本語版があるので、ご覧ください。

魔人T: だしおさんは日本で一番強いセス使いかもしれませんが、他のキャラクターでもかなり強いと聞いたことがあります。格闘ゲームの使用キャラクターを選ぶ際に、何を考えて決めていますか?

YBK|だしお: 使ってみて楽しくて自分に合った動きが出来そうなキャラクターを選びます。ウル4の場合は、セスを使っています。

魔人T: だしおさんはいつから格闘ゲームを真剣にやりましたか?

YBK|だしお: 初めて格闘ゲームの大会に参加となったストリートファイター4第一回全国大会で(たしか、対戦相手はマゴサガット)を倒してベスト8までいったことにより真剣にやれば一番強くなれるんじゃないかと思った時です。

魔人T: だしおさんは2013年のトパンガリーグでたくさん良い試合をされましたが、残念ながら去年は入れ換え戦のみの出場で、あまり対戦を見る機会はありませんでした。今年またAリーグに勝ち上がりましたが、これからの試合がだしおさんにとっていいリベンジになると思いますか?

YBK|だしお: 試合数が多いAリーグは相手の動きに対応することが求められるので自分の得意分野です。特に活躍してるウメハラさんやももちさんに勝ちたいですね。

魔人T: 先月のTGS大会を勝って、だしおさんは今Capcom Cup出場決定となりました。この舞台に立って世界中から集まった強敵と戦うのがどんな気分になると思いますか?自信はありますか?

YBK|だしお: 海外の大きな大会は未経験で不安ですが、なにより世界中の強敵と対戦出来ることが楽しみです。そして、全員勝てない相手では無いと思っています。自信はあります。

魔人T: もうすぐStreet Fighter Vが発売されます。このゲームに興味はありますか?もしそうであれば、どのキャラクターを使うと思いますか?

YBK|だしお: 興味あります。新たな格闘ゲームを一から攻略していくのが楽しみです。動きが早そうなキャラクター使ってみたいです。

魔人T: だしおさんは最近になってYubikenに所属しました。Yubikenのチームの1員となって今どのようなお気持ちですか?また、これからチームの名を成功に導きたいという望みはありますか?

YBK|だしお: 指喧は色の濃いプレイヤーがいるから楽しいですね。今後の大会で自分が活躍して、それがyubikenの成功にも繋がればベストだと考えています!

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