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Updated: Street Fighter 5 mini beta live again, not open for PC users; Laura playable

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 6, 2015 at 4:18 p.m. PST • Comments: 237

Street Fighter 5 beta live unexpectedly, Laura playable

Updated: The Street Fighter 5 mini beta is now live. The official SF5 server Twitter account said that this test would only last for a few hours, and would not be open to PC users this time around.

Late last night, the mini beta launched and made Laura playable, and also added a whole new host of features. Early in the morning the beta went offline again.

Important note: If you're having trouble getting into the game, because it says you need to do a title update — users have had success bypassing this by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. Keep in mind this is a 3.7 gigabyte install, so it could take awhile to re-download.

We're discovering quite a bit of new modes and features about the game, which we've documented below, but here are some images so you can see for yourself.

Street Fighter 5 Laura beta image #1 Street Fighter 5 Laura beta image #2 Street Fighter 5 Laura beta image #3 Street Fighter 5 Laura beta image #4 Street Fighter 5 Laura beta image #5
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New modes and features in the Street Fighter 5 Laura beta

• There's a new main menu screen, which has ranked, casual and training modes now.

• The character select screen gives you an option to change colors, but only two colors are available. You can also select the dialogue your character states.

• On the Ranked Match screen, you have an option of selecting which hardware you want to play against PlayStation 4 or any, but this should let PC/PS4 users isolate themselves from one another in the future, if they wish.

• There's also a connection status option, and the assumption here is that this will let you filter people by how good or bad their connection is.

• The profile page now has a very detailed statistical breakdown, showing things like your overall hit rate, how often you connect with standing and crouching normals and A LOT more. You can also filter this by character and by a specific match up. Very cool.

• Character voice actor options exist for Japanese and English, and you can select per character as well, just like in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

• Ranked matches are for League Points (LP), and casual matches will not affect these. You can think of casual matches as 1v1 endless mode in USF4.

• There is no character or stage select before ranked or casual matches now, your pre-selected favorites in "Battle Settings" are applied instead.

If you're looking for moves listings, just hit up our Street Fighter 5 moves database.

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