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Juri breaks the space-time continuum, Dudley's a mech, and more: Enjoy watching these Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4 glitches

Posted by Ryan 'Tryken' Tullis • May 27, 2015 at 10:12 a.m. PDT • Comments: 62

While there has been no official word on an incoming patch, it's extremely likely one will be coming to fix the multitude of problems. In the meantime, though, we're left with a port containing numerous problems.

For those of us who have already bought Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4, we can do our best to laugh at its eccentricities until a patch that surely must be on its way arrives. Some of the glitches are ridiculous looking or sounding. You have new "Mecha Dudley", Juri proving you can be in two places at once, and so much more!

Check out the various videos below showing off some of the problems in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and do your best to chuckle, lest you get too salty and raise your blood pressure.

Sources: Nsb5024's, Stovenven's, Leon's, and Femz F-Word's YouTube channels
Tips sent in by Sonho, Lulu, and Shoryusengan.
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