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Tekken 7 copy-and-pasted? Devil Jin & Josie Rizal's Rage Arts animations look remarkably similar to SoulCalibur 5 supers, fan points out

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • March 30, 2015 at 6:48 p.m. PDT • Comments: 167

On Sunday, Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada announced that Jin, Devil Jin and newcomer Josie Rizal would be added into Tekken 7's roster of playable characters soon.

Character introduction trailers for all three fighters were also streamed, and many Tekken fans watched these trailers with eyes eager with excitement.

For a small number of fans, however, those fleeting feelings of excitement were soon overtaken by a sense of deja vu when they got to the part that showcased each character's Rage Arts. It was almost like, they've seen these Rage Arts super moves before, somewhere. Which was odd, because this is the first time ever in Tekken history that super moves are a part of the game.

But as this video from Tyler Bleu proves, those feelings of deja vu were right -- the three characters' Rage Arts super moves are not entirely new.
Devil Jin's Rage Arts is a modified variant of his Critical Finish super from SoulCalibur 5, while Jin's appear to be a custom item move that you could use in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

That's still within the realm of reason. After all, Ryu always has a multi-hit Hadouken super in every Street Fighter game since Super Turbo. There are only so many ways Capcom can change things up with the basic idea of a multi-hit fireball. Capcom doesn't try to reinvent the wheel here. Insteady, they introduce the exact same multi-hit fireball super to other characters as well.

So I'm not that surprised at all to see that Jin and Devil Jin's Rage Arts were variants of older moves that existed in Tekken Tag Tournament and SoulCalibur 5, respectively.

What does surprise me a little, however, is the remarkable resemblance between Josie Rizal's Rage Arts and Xiba's Critical Finish super from SoulCalibur 5. The two characters have nothing in common, and yet their supers are pretty much the same idea, even if some of the details are different.

Mixed reactions

Reactions to the allegedly recycled move ideas are somewhat mixed. Some fans are disappointed to see this, while others found it to be okay, and even came up with reasons to defend the franchise.

"It feels lazy but to be honest these Rage Arts are to attract new players to the franchise rather than to impress old veteran players. I doubt anyone who picks up Tekken 7 as their first Tekken game would complain about it. Even the other ones that don't seem [to be] copy-and-paste [material] seem a tad bit uncreative to a veteran Tekken player [like myself]," YouTube user Tippy Toe wrote in the comments on Tyler Bleu's video.

"I was pissed about the Jin [Rage Arts] because I recognized it straight away. The others I'm just disappointed in," s3nbon5akura wrote.

"I kind of like the use of the old supers, and references to SoulCaliber," another fan, firesonicz, wrote.

Meanwhile, Ammar Khan doesn't quite understand why Tekken fans are only complaining about this now.

"You guys are complaining now? I knew things were bad when Kazuya's Rage Arts [move] was three Tekken 2 animations strung together. It's like that for pretty much the majority of the cast," he wrote.

Question from the editor: How do you feel about Jin, Devil Jin and Josie Rizal's Rage Arts? Does it make sense for Jin and Devil Jin's supers to be based on older moves?

What about Josie Rizal -- are the Tekken 7 developers guilty of a copy-and-paste job here, or do you think her Rage Arts is different enough from Xiba's Critical Finish?

Source: Tyler Bleu via James Chen and Aris.
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