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Nemo and Infiltration have some crazy reactions while Bonchan and Tokido battle for master of rushdown in these Red Bull Kumite highlights

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 29, 2015 at 12:23 p.m. PDT • Comments: 14

Yesterday was the Red Bull Kumite in Paris, France. We saw 16 top-level fighters go at it, literally in a cage.

Everyone seemed to be in tip top shape as we were impressed time and time again throughout the tournament. There were more than a handful of especially noteworthy moments, and we have a few of them for you today.

Infiltration's Reactions
The first moment is brought to you by Infiltration's Decapre. He faces off against BE|Nemo in a very intense losers finals set.

In an incredible confirmation, Infiltration proves that he's in the zone with this ultra combo.

Click image for animated version

Recall that Decapre's ultra is a charge move. Rolento was so low to the ground, he had to be just a few frames away from making the combo impossible.

Hit the jump to see Nemo's amazing presence of mind, as well as MCZ|Tokido's and Bonchan's relentless rush down.
Bonchan Throws
Our next moment is brought to you by Bonchan's Sagat's left knee.

In the much anticipated rematch from EVO 2014, Bonchan took on MD|Luffy in quarter finals. Their previous set at EVO made it pretty evident that Bonchan was not familiar with the Rose match up. It seems he did his homework this time around.

On your opponent's wake up, there are plenty of options. Bonchan only uses one of them. Over and over and over...

As dominating as this sequence was, Luffy woke up the fifth time and EX Soul Spiraled to take the round. If only Bonchan had gone for that sixth throw...

Battle of the Rushdowns
The two combatants that shined brightest during this tourney were likely Tokido and Bonchan. Both gave it that extra "umph" that would propel them from landing around the top five landing in the finals.

Each fighter took a turn simply beating on their opponent, both making the other look helpless. Bonchan took the first offense with this sequence:

Not to be outdone, Tokido answered back with a flurry of his own:

If you watch either of these having not seen the match, you'd likely conclude that the aggressor was a much stronger overall player than his victim. That tug of war or back and forth play is one of the things that make this bout so interesting.

The ability to take such a beating yet not become discouraged is the sign of a sound-minded player. The momentum against you can be scary, but it's certainly not a death sentence.

Nemo's Reaction
Our next highlight comes as a result of Nemo's amazing presence of mind.

He faces off against Brazil's CNB|Chu Chu in a losers bracket match. Chu Chu's Sakura has Nemo's Rolento cornered. Sakura is known for her incredibly long and damaging combos while Rolento is known for his lack of defense... this is a bad spot for Nemo to say the least.

Not only does he make a slick escape, he gives Chu Chu a parting gift.

Most players would be concentrated simply on evasion. "Get out of the dangerous situation first, then start thinking about offense." Nemo was fully ready with a trip guard ultra. Simply amazing reactions.

Tokido's Trap
Our final highlight features Tokido and RZR|Xian as they battle it out in the winners bracket.

Xian, fresh off a victory from Final Round 18, has Tokido in a fairly dire situation with virtually no life in his health bar. It's seemingly Xian's round to lose... until Tokido springs a trap:

In an impressive, all at once, come from behind victory, Tokido surprises everyone as he FADC's a fireball and hits a raw ultra two as an anti air to steal the round.

It makes you kind of wonder, just how long was he planning that?

That wraps up our first pass at the Red Bull Kumite, but there were many more post-worthy moments and sequences from this tournament. Keep your eye out for more recaps in the near future!

While we wait for video archives to become available, you can watch select matches from the RBK at Ifgames' YouTube.
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