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Bonchan called Tokido a 'weakling' (lit. 'weak bug), not a 'coward'; Find out what Bonchan and Tokido actually said at Red Bull Kumite

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • March 28, 2015 at 10:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 33

One of the most entertaining things that we got to watch on the Red Bull Kumite stream today was MCZ|Tokido and Bonchan's back-and-forth thrash-talking.

The two Japanese players are practically colleagues, since they're both hosts or presenters on Topanga's weekly Web-streamed shows, and good friends in real life. So really they're just putting on a show here to keep you entertained, to bring the hype at Red Bull Kumite over to the next level.

But since only one of them -- MCZ|Tokido -- could comfortably make his comments in English, it was a little hard to understand the full extent of their back-and-forth when Bonchan's remarks, in Japanese, were not interpreted into English over the stream.

That's where we come in here over at EventHubs. We thoroughly enjoyed the exchange between the two Japanese players, and we want you to enjoy the full flavor of that exchange.

We've looked through the stream archive, and translated those exchanges for your enjoyment. So go grab some popcorn, settle down in your cosy armchair throne, and read on for MCZ|Tokido and Bonchan's comments fully translated.
(Quick note: Although MCZ|Tokido and Bonchan's comments here are verbatim or near-verbatim, some of the questions written down here have been paraphrased.)

Now, MCZ|Tokido, you're about to go up against Bonchan now (after his win against MCZ|Daigo). How do you think the match will go?

MCZ|Tokido: If he uses Ryu, I body him. If he uses Sagat anyway, I body him.

(During the next interview segment) Earlier, when we talked to MCZ|Tokido, he said that regardless which character you're going to pick, he's going to body you.

What do you have to say to that?

Bonchan: Well, he's a yowamushi ("weakling", or literally "weak bug"), so I'll let him say whatever he wants.

MCZ|Tokido, everytime you appear here you look like you're ready to take somebody out in a body bag.

But in spite of that, you were just called a weakling. What do you think about that?

MCZ|Tokido: I'll let the match speak for itself.

(After the grand finals had been played out, and a victor was declared) At first everyone had been cheering you on, MCZ|Tokido.

But at some point, more and more people went over to Bonchan's side. What do you think was different about this match, that led to this?

MCZ|Tokido: Just as victory was almost within my grasp... I just dropped my solid performance. I simply could not move my character the way I had planned. My opponent's mental strength... my own mental strength was simply unable to beat that. *Shakes his head while looking downcast*

How about you, Bonchan? How do you feel about your victory?

Bonchan: Right, it was just like what MCZ|Tokido had said. I sensed that his perserverance had weakened, and so I pressed my advantage when that happened, which led to me winning.

Because I felt that my opponent's determination had gotten weaker, I pushed and went on the offense.
Source: Red Bull Kumite.

EventHubs's very own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor contributed to this story.
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