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Kazunoko: 'I somehow managed to defeat Velociraptor, America's strongest Gouken... that's probably the strongest Gouken in the world!'

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • March 22, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 38

During the 3-on-3 Ultra Street Fighter 4 team tournament on Day 1 of Final Round 18, MOM|Velociraptor managed to perform a one-character victory for his team against Team /r/Kappa -- Infiltration, Kitasenju DJ, and Kazunoko.

Beating out any of these /r/Kappa warriors would have been a feat in itself -- but MOM|Velociraptor's Gouken managed to take down all three of them, back-to-back. It was the first time Velociraptor had played against Kazunoko, and the latter left the set very impressed with the American Gouken specialist's skills.

And as fate would have it, the two players once again had to face each other in the singles USF4 tournament at Final Round 18, this time for a spot in the top 32 play-offs in the losers' side of the brackets.

Kazunoko managed to trounce Velociraptor this time around, with a score of 2-1. He's finally overcome his opponent, and has earned the right to gloat over it or trash talk.

But neither of that was what he did. Instead, Kazunoko only had the highest praise for his American opponent.
"In Losers', I somehow managed to defeat America's strongest Gouken. That is probably the #1 strongest Gouken player in the world" Kazunoko tweeted in Japanese.

That's saying a lot, coming from Kazunoko -- easily the best Yun player in the world, and one who's spent countless hours fighting against some of the other best Gouken players in the world, over in Japan.

When we told MOM|Velociraptor what Kazunoko senpai had said about him, the Gouken specialist gushed a little.

"It's an honor," Velociraptor tells us.

"I've never played him before. I expected to get blown up as that's one of my hardest matches, but I ended up winning in teams and making it very close in singles. He destroyed me in the first game. I took full command of the second game and actually took the first round of the third. But he was able to bring it back and my metaphorical hat goes off to him."

Source: @kazunoko0215. Disclosure: MOM|Velociraptor also writes for EventHubs.
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