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Is Jin really not being considered for Tekken 7 because he 'died' in T6? Harada responds to fan rumor

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • March 3, 2015 at 12:32 p.m. PST • Comments: 66

A fake screenshot of Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada claiming that Jin Kazama is not being included in Tekken 7 because he supposedly "died" in Tekken 6 has been circulating around the Internet.

Twitter user LeopoldTheBrave decided to show it to Harada, and the fake screenshot has prompted the series overseer to respond -- but not in the manner you might expect him to.

Rather than flat out debunking the fan-suggestion that Jin -- who is not part of the Tekken 7 playable roster at the moment -- is indeed not being included for the alleged story reasons, he has instead encouraged fans to Google the answer themselves.

Read on to see a YouTube video of Tekken 6's story mode ending (which we found through Google), as well as further comments Harada made after some Japanese fans told him that they are now worried about if Jin would be included or not.
If you've watched the above video to the very end, you'd know that Jin Kazama isn't exactly dead -- not quite. He did risk his life in trying to seal Azazel in Tekken 6, but he's still in one piece.

But if that's not enough to debunk this prank of a rumor, then maybe Harada's other comments will.

(There are quite a number more tweets after this one that delves into the Jin dead or alive discussion, so we'll just translate the exchanges between Harada and the Tekken fans without embedding them.)

hayaki14: Hearing you say that (go Google the answer) has allowed me to hold out a little more hope, Harada-san.

Harada: Well, it looks like you've already decided on your own interpretation of what I said, but regardless of whether or not Jin is dead or alive, Tekken 7 is a proper sequel in every way. And as you can see, (in Tekken 7) even with Azazel sealed away, the Devil Gene still exists, right?

hayaki14: Wait, but wasn't it because of Azazel that the Devil Blood got sealed?

Harada: Even if it is sealed, in the current version of the game you can clearly see that Kazuya still has it stored within his body. And in fact, he has gotten the Devil ability under his control, ready to activate it at any time. Thanks to Azazel getting sealed, all sorts of great calamities have been prevented, but even so the Devil ability within Kazuya did not go away.

MUSOUsGAME: So we can take that to mean that Jin is still alive, right?

Harada: I've already explained earlier that none of this discussion (Azazel and the Devil Gene) has anything to do with whether or not Jin is dead or alive. I don't understand how you could interpret what I said to mean that. It's not a matter of what is being said here, but rather how you're choosing to comprehend it. I didn't actually talk about whether or not Jin is dead or alive.

MUSOUsGAME: So at the very least we should be able to take it as Jin Kazama is alive even in the current timeline, right?

Harada: Are my words even getting through to you?

MUSOUsGAME: Can we believe it to be so? We can, right?

Harada: Like I said, are my words getting through?

MUSOUsGAME: Yes, they're getting through to me just fine. But even so, even in the past I've been quite anxious about whether or not Jin Kazama would make it into Tekken 7 for a while now. So can we please get a proper answer to that?

Harada: Are there any developers out there who would spill the beans on everything that's been asked to them? Okay, why don't you give it a shot: go over to Ono and try asking him when Street Fighter 5 is coming out. Because I'm worried for them.

...As I was tweeting that I suddenly thought of something I'd like to ask. Maybe if it's Ono he might actually be able to answer. Alright then, I shall give Ono a call later, and persistently ask him about when Deep Down's release date is.

Looks like that's all we're getting out of Harada for now -- but at least you've got to admit that his responses to Tekken fans on this matter have been pretty entertaining.

Still, it's quite surprising that there are so many fans out there wondering if Jin Kazama is indeed dead or alive -- in spite of what the Tekken 6 ending very strongly implies.

So here's a thought: since everyone's so curious to find out if Jin is dead or alive, maybe Harada should consider letting Team Ninja have him as a guest character for their game.
Source: @Harada_TEKKEN.
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