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Combofiend explains why close ranged normals were removed in Street Fighter 5, says system mechanics pretty much locked in now

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 27, 2015 at noon PDT • Comments: 116

Combofiend explains why close ranged normals were removed in Street Fighter 5, says system mechanics pretty much locked in now

We had the opportunity to catch up with Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas at E3 2015 for an in-depth discussion about the development process of Street Fighter 5.

Rosas provided very insightful answers into the game's mechanics and overall methodologies, as we took a look at how the new title is shaping up.

One of the main things that piqued my interest was if V-Trigger was considered Street Fighter 5's comeback mechanic, something similar to ultra combos in the SF4 series, or if it was intended as something else.

I also wondered if we'd see many more gameplay systems added to the mix in the future.
"In terms of systems, we're pretty much locked," said Rosas.

"In terms of V-Trigger being a comeback mechanic, not necessarily so," he added. "Players can use it as they see fit, but what it does is make your characters stronger."

Rosas stated V-Trigger unlocks new abilities that make the characters function a little differently, and deepens their overall strategy.

Combofiend explains removal of close normals image #1
"Unlike the ultra combos in Street Fighter 4 though, you don't just get free damage," said Rosas.

"This time around, when you activate the V-Trigger, it's totally up to you. You have the power to comeback — but it's up to you to make that comeback happen," he said.

Removal of close normal moves

Many people were surprised to learn that Street Fighter 5 has ditched close ranged normals for the first time since the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 titles in the main franchise.

Rosas said that the reason for this is Capcom wanted to make sure that every attack in the game served a function.

"In the older games, due to certain proximities, certain attacks would come out that players didn't want. Some normal moves weren't as useful as they could have been, which caused us to constantly rebalance things like that," said Rosas.

Combofiend said in SF5, they're looking at which moves would fit each character, while locating the areas they may be lacking in, and assigning the appropriate attacks as needed.

"If they're missing a move that hits very close to them, we add one in. If they're missing one that's hits far away, we add one in.

"We want to make sure that basically every button has a purpose, and when you truly learn your character — you always get what you want [when you hit a button]," he stated.

Throw ranges reduced, or walk speeds changed?

Combofiend explains removal of close normals image #2
A number of people have wondered if the throw ranges in Street Fighter 5 have seen a reduction, or if it's just a side-effect of some characters having a slower walk speed.

While Rosas said things could change — the throw ranges are very similar to what's in Street Fighter 4, as things stand right now.

The character's walk speeds in SF5 do vary greatly though, so when people are trying to do a low jab and then walk up throw with M. Bison, with the same timing they used in SF4 — it doesn't work — which leads them to assume throw ranges have been reduced.

"That's not necessarily the case, it's just that M. Bison walks really slow," said Rosas.

"We're looking into it, but as it stands right now, all throw ranges should be similar to what they were in Street Fighter 4," he concluded.

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