Four Wude: High damage in Street Fighter 5 should satisfy old school players, they did a great job of balancing old and new

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Four Wude: High damage in Street Fighter 5 should satisfy old school players, they did a great job of balancing old and new

DisplayLag's Adeel "Four Wude" Soomro was the final top player we spoke with about Street Fighter 5 at E3 2015.

We asked Adeel if this entry in the series reminded him of the previous Street Fighter titles, in regards to rehashing or adding new elements into the mix.

"I think they did a great job of trying to balance new and old. When you pick it up for the first time, it will feel familiar to you when you're coming from Street Fighter 4," said Adeel.

"The buttons and the way chains work is really similar, but it's also very old school in the sense that a lot of things from SF4 don't really work in this game," he added.
Adeel elaborated that converting for big damage from lights and shorts is no longer possible, and while walk speeds are slower, dashing is better.

Overall, he really liked the balance in terms of how the game flows. The damage is really high now, so he thought that would satisfy a lot of the old school players that were used to Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

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Limited defensive options compared to SF4, evolution of graphics

Four Wude also commented about how the game's defensive choices have been adjusted in this iteration.

"I like the how they nerfed the amount of defensive options that you had in SF4. I feel like in SF4, there was just too much going on: there's focus dash, there's back dash, crouch teching โ€” crouch teching doesn't exist anymore, focus was removed from the game, so it's going to make the game a lot more streamlined," he said.

"Even though option selects will probably exist still, I don't think they'll be at the level that they were in SF4 where it dominated the game, so, it's really exciting."

Adeel liked the direction the art and music were taking, saying they were a huge jump over SF4, and everything in general feels more polished.

"I'm really excited to see what [the game] looks like over the next six months before it gets released."

Animation and frame data adjustments

Four Wude also spoke about the game's animation frames, and how the he thinks the frame data has been altered from what was in the previous title.

"I feel like SF5 has more animation frames in general," he said. "I think that moves have about similar start up to SF4, but their actual recovery times are a little bit longer.

"So, I think maybe people think that that makes the game slower. I just think it feels different," said Adeel.

"I guess technically you could say it's maybe a little bit slower, but it makes up for it because the movement is faster overall because of better dashing. I think walk speed may not be as strong as it was in SF4, but dashing is significantly improved.

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"Combine that with the better animation and the way that hitstun looks โ€” like trades, you can actually confirm them now; the game freezes and the animation becomes exaggerated โ€” so all of these things add up to make the game look more fluid, more Third Strike-like. So I think that helps the game."

Four Wude also commented about the way hard knockdowns work now.

"I'm really liking the way hard knockdowns are handled in SF5, where it offers a quick rise system, instead of the delayed wakeup presented in USF4. It keeps the pace of the game faster, while removing dependency on knockdowns to secure wins."

A lot less zoning?

Adeel also felt like the game was much more in your face, and cited a few examples, like Ryu's crouching medium kick having reduced range, but standing light kick into fireball was a solid tactic now, is his eyes.

"It's like they wanted you to fight closer, rather than just always stay in a mid/neutral level," he expressed.

The neutral game hasn't disappeared completely, it's just more free-form now, according to Adeel, and he's content with what the fireball/zoning game has evolved into in this version.

"It's not too good and it's not bad. I think Ryu's fireball is just fine, because the anti-air is still there," concluded Adeel.

EventHubs' Steven "DreamKing23" Chavez contributed to this story.

Adeel "Four Wude" Soomro runs DisplayLag, which is an input lag database website.

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