Cammy can still put a quick hurt on her opponent in Street Fighter 5, but her offense requires more thought now - EventHubs E3 impressions

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 24, 2015 at 2 p.m. PDT | Comments: 23

Our final Street Fighter 5 character impressions piece from E3 focuses on Cammy.

In Street Fighter 5, Cammy does more of what she's known for: rushdown. She still hits hard (even more so due to the game's heightened damage output), but players won't be able to secure a win simply off of one knockdown.

You'll find our full breakdown below, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Overall play-style: Cammy is still all about rushing her opponent down and putting a hurt on them quickly. Many of the attacks that make her popular are back in Street Fighter 5, but like other returning characters from Street Fighter 4, each one has some new flavor to it.

Her arsenal of normals are as strong as ever, despite her standing heavy kick from Street Fighter 4 being omitted this time around.

In Street Fighter 5, Cammy's cross up game isn't quite as strong. Jumping light kick seemed to be her only cross up normal, and it doesn't leave the opponent in much hitstun making it a bit weaker than in Street Fighter 4.

Regardless, Cammy still has the tools to get in fast and dish out the damage.

Comparison: Cammy seems like an honest version of her Street Fighter 4 self. She can still rush you down, and when she hits, it hurts. However, with the removal of hard knockdowns, Cammy's gameplay requires a bit more thought this time around.

Notable attacks: Forward + heavy kick is a double knee attack that moves Cammy forward. It's an awesome pressure tool and can combo into back + heavy punch if it connects.

Both crouching and standing medium kick are great pokes and the former, like in past Street Fighter titles, can be special cancelled.

Crouching heavy punch, I feel, takes the place of her standing heavy kick from Street Fighter 4. It has long range and causes a crush counter when you score a counter hit, leaving the opponent open to a follow up attack.

Cannon Spike is still a strong anti-air in this game, and this attack retains its invincibility making it a powerful reversal.

Her V-Skill (Spin Knuckle) feels faster this time around and is still a great anti-fireball move.

Catalyst's notes

• Cammy seemed to most closely resemble her Street Fighter 4 version, with a few touches of her Alpha self.

• Her dive kick is great at blowing up normal moves when the opponent attempts an anti-air, just like in Street Fighter 4.

• Jumping light kick was her only cross up attack I found, and it's not very good. Has some range and a bit of hitstun, but not much. Had a few opponents duck under it to make it whiff completely.

• Her Cannon Spike (DP) seemed very solid, just like in SF4. Fast start up, good damage and invincibility.

• I believe her EX Spiral Arrow was safe and left you at such a distance, you could whiff punish someone who attempted to punish it.

• Crouching light punch 2x, link into crouching medium punch, cancel into spiral arrow still worked, but the timing seemed different.

• Standing medium kick was a great poke. Lots of range, and ideal to space out characters like Birdie.

• Her regular dive kick was unsafe. It's possible that you needed to hit the opponent reasonably low to make it safe on block.

• She can Spiral Arrow in V-Trigger then juggle into Cannon Spike and it does really good damage, but seems like too high of a reward for minimal/no risk.

• Unlike SF4, all versions of Spiral Arrow can be blocked high.

• Her Spin Knuckle (V-Skill) seems much more viable now. Less floaty and actually has a purpose.

DreamKing's notes

• EX Dive Kick causes a knockdown on grounded opponents now. It no longer keeps you in an immense amount of blockstun and susceptible to more mix ups.

• EX Dive Kick puts the opponent into a juggle state when it connects as air-to-air. You can follow up with a jab to reset and even a sweep for a knockdown.

• Hooligan Combination has the potential to cross over the opponent. When it does, the follow up attack will actually correct itself and hit from that side. This is a very tricky situation. Things get especially interesting when Hooligan Combination crosses over, then hits low from the side she crossed over to.

• Spin Knuckle (V-Skill) will pass through the opponent when performed from close range. Essentially, it hits and works much like Oni's heavy kick Demon Slash in USF4: close-ranged poke, V-Skill to mix the opponent up.

• Regular Spiral Arrow no longer hits low. It can, however, be made safe on block if performed at the correct range.

• Cammy no longer has an air throw.

• When in V-Trigger, Cammy's Spiral Arrows pass through the opponent on hit and block. If blocked, this leaves her out of range for an immediate normal punish.

Sample combos:

• Forward + heavy kick, back + heavy punch, heavy kick Cannon Spike.

• Crouching light punch, crouching light punch, crouching medium punch, Spiral Arrow.

• (V-Trigger) Crouching medium kick, heavy kick Spiral Arrow, heavy kick Cannon Spike.

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