Hard-hitting link combos and a strong up-close fighting style put a fresh spin on the typically zone-heavy Ryu - EventHubs E3 impressions

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 23, 2015 at 12:37 p.m. PDT | Comments: 23

Next up on EventHubs' Street Fighter 5 impressions is Ryu.

In Street Fighter 5, Ryu sacrifices a strong fireball game for big damage and lethal up-close combat. An awesome blend of Third Strike and Street Fighter 4 is what you can expect from the latest version of the wandering warrior.

You'll find our full breakdown below, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Overall play-style: Ryu is still the all-around fighter in Street Fighter 5. He has tools for nearly all situations, and although he controls much like any other Ryu you've ever played, he has some large differences.

Firstly, Ryu's fireball game doesn't seem as strong anymore. It's a bit more difficult to use the traditional "fireball throw, anti-air Dragon Punch" gameplan Ryu is known for. That's not to say he can no longer do that, it's just that this time around, spacing is even more important.

Additionally, Ryu's trademark crouching medium kick is still fast, but doesn't have as much range as past games, making it weaker overall. There were many times where I performed the kick whilst playing footsies, only to come up short and get tagged in the process.

Ryu does seem stronger up close. He has some great links that lead into big damage combos, and in a game where damage is even more lethal, this makes him even scarier.

Once he's in V-Trigger, his special moves get even better. He can charge fireballs that, if charged all the way, will shatter the opponent's guard. Charging fireballs can be used to frame trap your foe and provide Ryu with devastating corner pressure.

In Street Fighter 5, Ryu is more effective being up in the opponent's grill, rather than sitting back and throwing fireballs.

Comparison: To me, Ryu feels like a combination of his Third Strike and Street Fighter 4 iterations. Using Denjin (V-Trigger fireballs) to pressure the opponent, with the addition of heavy link-based combos give Ryu a fresh feel.

Notable attacks: Standing medium punch can combo into itself, into other normals, and is special cancellable. It has solid range and is good for pressure as well as being one of Ryu's main combo starters.

Crouching heavy punch is Ryu's only special cancellable heavy attack (that I found) and is best used for tacking on the damage in combos.

Forward + heavy punch (Solar Plexus) is still an excellent attack. It's forward moving property makes it strong in the footsie game, and you can combo after it with standing medium punch or crouching heavy punch for hard-hitting combos.

Medium punch Dragon Punch is Ryu's invincible, meterless DP. This will be your main go-to for reversals and anti-airing your opponent.

EX Tatsu is an excellent combo ender that deals a ton of damage.

DreamKing's notes

• Jumping medium punch still juggles, however, I couldn't find anything to combo afterward. Dragon Punch, EX Tatsu, and Super all whiffed.

• Ryu's V-Trigger cancels are very particular. Special moves cannot be cancelled out of, and only select normals can be. Many think Ryu can Dragon Punch xx V-Trigger, but that's not the case. It's actually crouching heavy punch that can be cancelled into V-Trigger. This attack looks like the first hit of a DP.

• Cancelling after a V-Trigger cancel seemed very difficult. I cancelled crouching heavy punch and attempted a number of different attacks after the cancel, but to no avail. I'd like to do more testing, but based off the time I got with the game, it seems like combo-ing after crouching heavy punch xx V-Trigger isn't possible.

• Using crouching medium kick xx Hadouken is unsafe up close. Ryu players will have to be a bit more calculated with their fireball throws in Street Fighter 5.

• While in V-Trigger, Ryu's corner pressure game strengthens immensely. Slightly charging fireballs after a poke gives frame advantage, and even more so if the fireball is EX.

• This doesn't necessarily pertain to Ryu specifically, but I managed to hit Nash completely out of his raw Super with a standing medium punch. The attack didn't trade at all, but rather, knocked him completely out of it.

Sample combos:

• Forward + heavy punch, crouching heavy punch, light kick Tatsu, Super.

• Standing medium punch, standing medium punch, crouching heavy kick.

• Jumping heavy punch, standing medium punch - heavy punch - heavy kick (target combo).

Catalyst's notes

• Ryu was considerably different than I expected him to be. His dynamite fireball game is gone, replaced with a lot of setups, strong close range normals and combos.

• His Super in or out of V-Trigger, can be jumped over on reaction.

• The old crouching medium kick, cancel into fireball, cancel into super combo still works.

• V-Trigger makes Ryu's recovery from fireballs faster. I was punished by a jump in on reaction to a normal fireball. I tired the same thing and on my opponent in V-Trigger and they were able to block.

• V-Trigger activation is pretty quick for Ryu, but probably the same as most other characters. I tried to throw a Ryu player out of his V-Trigger activate, at point blank range, but he was able to connect an EX Dragon Punch on my throw attempt. I'd guess V-Trigger activate is -1 or -2 frames.

• Ryu's medium dragon punch is pretty invincible, but light and heavy have little to no invincibility.

• Dragon Punches in V-Trigger seemed to be more invincible than usual.

• EX Dragon Punch had the most invincibility (not sure about in V-Trigger), but it beat a point blank medium Dragon Punch.

• A counter hit standing heavy kick into super connected fully. Ryu's super is fast, as one would expect.

• His auto-correct DP still works.

• V-Trigger fireball setups are strong. Lots of mind games, and very powerful when they connect. Great V-Trigger fireball Ryu players should be a joy to watch.

• Jumping heavy kick, standing medium punch 2x, link into sweep was a great combo. Good damage and the benefit of okizeme. You could also end with a fireball, instead. Timing window didn't feel that strict, possibly 2+ frames on all links.

• Overall, his specials seem stronger than in SF4, good power but slower in recovery, and not as easy to consistently apply. People jumped over and punished my fireballs on reaction consistently, where that wasn't nearly as easy in SF4.

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