Birdie has lethal normals, long-range anti-air punishes, and can hit nearly 60% from a simple Super confirm - EventHubs E3 impressions

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 22, 2015 at 12:13 p.m. PDT | Comments: 36

Next up on EventHubs' Street Fighter 5 impressions is Birdie.

Birdie has seen a large transformation from his Street Fighter Alpha days. Big damage and making the opponent afraid to hit buttons are the name of the game for the giant grappler in Street Fighter 5.

You'll find our full breakdown below, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Overall playstyle: Birdie's play-style is centered around using his strong normals to zone the opponent out and make them afraid to hit buttons. Once they're hesitant, Birdie can head in and set up command throws.

His damage is monstrous, and what makes Birdie even more frightening is that he can fight from seemingly all ranges. Up close, he's got command throws for days; from further away, he has long-ranged pokes and his chain special moves that can punish fireballs at start up or scoop opponents out of the air, not to mention his Bull Revenger command throw to leap through projectiles.

The key to playing Birdie is knowing when to throw out which attacks. His chain special moves, V-Skills, and V-Trigger all take a while to conclude, leaving Birdie open to punishes when performed at the wrong times.

Like M. Bison, Birdie has three stocks of V-Gauge. He can fill this up faster by eating doughnuts. Once in V-Trigger, he gets souped up versions of his special moves, which include more hits on his Bull Head and added armor. If you're struggling to get in on the opponent, V-Trigger will help you rush down and go in for the KO.

Comparison: Birdie has traits of a traditional grappler, but doesn't 100% feel like one. His play-style is strange and difficult to understand, at first, but once you get it he becomes incredibly strong. If I had to compare him to another character, I'd say he feels most like T. Hawk from Ultra Street Fighter 4 (due to his strong normals), but with less combo potential. Throw in a dash of Ghost Rider from UMvC3 and a strong anti-fireball game and you've got Birdie.

Notable attacks: Standing heavy punch is a long-range normal that deals great damage. It may be the longest-ranged normal in the game at the moment.

Jumping medium punch is a comical horizontal dive that looks weird but works great as a cross up. Use this attack after a knockdown for the classic grappler left/right mix up.

Crouching heavy punch can be extended with another heavy punch input for a quick, damaging target combo.

Standing medium kick is fast poke with good range. His crouching heavy kick (sweep) can also hit from quite far away, giving him a number of options from mid-range.

Crouching medium punch is a spectacular anti-air. It beats nearly all jump ins and resets the opponent, leaving them in range for a quick command throw when they land.

Standing medium punch has solid range and is one of Birdie's only special cancellable normals.

Bull Revenger (command throw with kick) leaps through projectiles and varies in range depending on the button hit. This special move is excellent and can punish fireballs from full-screen with the right read.

Birdie's Super deals a ton of damage. It can be easily hit confirmed into after a headbutt attack.

DreamKing's notes

• Birdie can't have a banana peel and a can on screen at the same time. If either are on screen, Birdie also can't use his doughnut eating variation of the V-Skill. One V-Skill at a time.

• Banana peel can lead into a full combo if the opponent slips on it.

• Birdie's Hanging Chain (chain attack) are considered physical attacks and not command throws. This means that they can be blocked. The ground version can scoop fireball throwers before the projectile hits and will go into a full animation, giving Birdie a punish with no trade.

• Killing Head (punch command throw) has a bit of start up. It cannot be mashed between block strings like a traditional SPD in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

• EX Killing Head can be thrown on start up.

• Light punch Bull Head (headbutt attack) can be used as an anti-air from the correct distance. Can easily hit confirm into Super for around 60% damage.

• Light punch Bull Head can also be made fairly safe on block. Standing medium punch xx Bull Head from the proper distance is very hard to punish.

• Birdie's V-Trigger animation is the slowest in the game. From all of my tests, I was unable to hit an attack, cancel into V-Trigger, then continue a combo. Both his V-Trigger and V-Skills have hefty recovery.

• Birdie seems to struggle most against characters with strong normal attacks. Based on the games I played, Chun-Li seems to be his worst match-up of the currently playable characters. Cammy's medium kicks can also give Birdie quite a bit of trouble.

• Right now, Birdie seems to do best against Ryu. Ryu's crouching medium kick doesn't have as much range as it does in other games, making him more reliant on well-timed fireballs. This leaves him susceptible to Birdie's Bull Revenger command throw that can hit from full-screen away and goes through projectiles.

Catalyst's notes

• Birdie has a ridiculous high level of damage right now, it seems almost unfair. The game's damage is really high, but when Birdie connects — you feel it.

• He cannot mash his command grab through blockstrings, likely due to a slow start up, so he must pick and choose his spots for grab attempts.

• Like most grapplers, you really need to space Birdie out with pokes and keep your distance. Closing ground on him and staying inside often meant losing the round.

• Birdie's EX command grab lost to Cammy's regular throw, which means it lacks throw invincibility.

• Birdie's normals are not too shabby in terms of reach. Very few could be cancelled, but he reminded me a bit of SF4 T. Hawk in terms of viable normals for a grappler.

• Cammy's standing medium kick (a long range poke) gave Birdie a lot of trouble. It didn't feel like he had many ways around characters with long ranged normals and a dragon punch type move.

• You can't hit Birdie in the top of the head and still combo, which is like Sagat in SSF2T, he's too tall, you need to hit him deeper than you would other characters.

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