M. Bison is a wall in Street Fighter 5, high damage and strong hitboxes enable him to control matches - EventHubs E3 impressions

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 21, 2015 at 3:15 p.m. PDT | Comments: 27

The next character to receive the EventHubs Street Fighter 5 impression treatment is M. Bison.

As most of you have probably seen by now, Bison is considerably different than he was in previous titles, but he's still a very effective character, and his V-Trigger opens up some very nice and tricky tactics.

You'll find our full breakdown below, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Overall playstyle: As many of you have seen, M. Bison's walk speed is extremely slow, but he makes up for this by being a VERY strong wall. His jump is also a lot less floaty, which means it's easier to get in and apply pressure.

Bison's normals have ridiculous hitboxes and strong frame data, so if you dig pokes and footsies, this character is going to be right up your alley.

He has great normals that lock people down, and make them not want to hit buttons. These are coupled with strong damage and just great pressure overall once you're able to get in range. Being slow on his feet is not a big deal when you factor in the strength of his attacks, and the mobility his other moves offer him.

You're going to want to activate his V-Trigger shortly after you fill up the gauge, as it opens a number of doors for this character, along with higher damage.

Comparison: Alpha series Bison (crouching kicks, and the feel of the character), with a bit of SF4 Bison and some unique stuff to top it off.

Notable attacks: Jumping medium kick is an exceptional cross up attack, which felt even stronger than the one in Street Fighter 4. Coupled with his less floaty jump, this is a great move.

Gone are Bison's crouching kick pressure, as I couldn't get these moves to consistently work in conjunction with his Scissor Kicks, instead you want to use crouching light punch, linked into crouching medium punch, cancelled into Scissors, or his other specials.

His Super has GREAT anti-air properties and a fast start up, but not a ton of range. It's a reversal that does big damage and something the other player has to respect.

M. Bison's V-Trigger also has a fast start up, and didn't lose to non-meaty attacks. Like the other characters, it would likely get hit on start up by meaties, though.

His EX Psycho Inferno (Charge Down, Press Up + 2x Punch) is a solid anti air attack — but not terrific. It hits on both sides of Bison, but it has a reasonably slow start up (or at least it seemed that way) and would lose to some jump ins and other scenarios. It seems to have some invincibility and a strong hitbox, but it's not a top notch reversal, you need to time it correctly. Coupled with cr.HP, it should be very effective, though. The damage on it is very solid.

Bison's crouching heavy punch is a very good anti air, which feels about on par with Sakura or Rose's cr.HP in the SF4 series.

Catalyst's notes

• Crouching light punch linked into crouching medium punch seemed relatively easy. It felt like a 2-frame link. From there you can cancel into any of his specials.

• Bison's Psycho Blast (Sonic Boom motion) has no invincibility, and I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to be applied, yet. It has minimal range, but it does work in combos, although it seems like Scissors do more damage. I tried messing with it a good bit, but couldn't figure out how to apply it in a match.

• Crouching light kick can still be linked into itself, but the timing feels very strict. It doesn't seem like you can get much off of doing this, though.

• Standing medium kick is still a good and quick poke, similar to the SF4 version, but possibly a bit better.

• Bison's teleport when he has V-Trigger active is VERY fast. Note, when I say teleport, I mean forward dashing in V-Trigger. Back dashing works mostly as it does previously, e.g. no teleport.

• There were a number of times I simply dashed forward and threw, and it was not easy for my opponent to react to. Again, V-Trigger teleport is FAST. It is unsafe and Bison can be thrown out of it during the move's start up, though.

• I expected Bison to feel way more stuck to the ground and unable to move much besides just holding forward the whole match, and that he could be easily escaped from, but his special moves and jump really give him solid mobility and space control.

DreamKing's notes

• Crouching light kick and crouching medium kick are no longer special cancellable. It takes a while to adjust to using crouching medium punch as your pressure tool.

• Scissor Kick appeared safe on block. Still a great move for pressuring opponents.

• Devil Reverse is now an extension of Head Stomp. During the ascension of Head Stomp, a punch button will cancel it into Devil Reverse. This window seemed tight, so the punch has to come fairly quickly after Head Stomp is performed.

• Super is a great move. It doesn't have much horizontal range, but will stop most jump and/or cross up attempts.

• Bison's V-Trigger dash has very, very quick recovery. It can be punished when the animation concludes, but punishes have to be anticipatory.

• Bison's V-Skill is also great. Tossing fireballs back is strong and at the correct ranges can punish the opponent when they're still in the recovery from their projectile.

• I've read that charge times are shorter in Street Fighter 5, however, I had trouble getting basic charges out consistently with Bison. This could have been a result of the minor setup lag, but it's something I found myself running into quite a bit.

Sample combos:
• st.HK, cr.MP xx MK Scissor Kicks
• J.MP (two hits), Super

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