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Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 20, 2015 at 3:36 p.m. PDT | Comments: 34

The next entry in our series of Street Fighter 5 character impressions from E3 2015 focuses on Nash.

Nash was a highly unexpected twist on the character we previously knew, and a number of people who tried him didn't quite seem to understand that his style was completely different now.

Gone was the zoning Guile spin-off we knew from the Alpha series, replaced by a high octane and damaging offensive character who could fluster and KO his opponent from variety of options.

You can find our breakdown below. Once again, if you have questions about the character, please leave them in the comments.


Overall playstyle: Nash is primarily rushdown, coupled with strong tools to get inside consistently and a very good cross up, jumping medium kick. He generally needed to be close to do high damage with his combos, or connect with his cross up, but once he got in on you, you had to respect his game.

While Nash was terrific at rushing the opponent down, a lack of a viable "get the heck off of me move" — outside of V-Trigger — spelled out his weaknesses very clearly. You need to maintain control of the match and spacing, and you have the tools to do so, but once you lost it, you had very few escape options, and could easily lose.

A few people at E3 told us they thought Nash's mobility was weak, but when you start figuring out how the character works, you see his mobility is actually not bad. You need to use his Moonsault Slash (QCF + K) to close ground, plus he has MANY good tools that work in conjunction with each other to get in, so don't worry — Nash is NOT a stick in the mud. He's definitely not El Fuerte from SF4, but he has the tools to work his way inside consistently.

Comparison: Oddly enough, SF4 Adon (Jaguar Kicks), coupled with some SF4 Rose (Drills and anti airs) and SF4 Cammy (offensive pressure). With that said, Nash is really a unique character, but some of his elements reminded me of these other fighters.

Notable attacks: Nash is all about match control, and he had a crazy good anti-air attack in standing heavy kick. This thing stuffed EVERY jump in we tried against it, except for Cammy's dive kick which altered her trajectory and timing, which is typical with dive kicks. Nash's crouching medium punch was also a very good anti-air. You need to use these to hold control of the match, because if someone gets in on you — your options are very limited.

Nash players are used to using crouching medium kick as the basis for his gameplay, but this move can no longer be cancelled. It works much like you would expect otherwise, but the lack of a cancel means you need to resort to other normals in most instances.

Jumping medium kick was a ridiculously good cross up attack. Think Rose's jump medium kick in SF4 in terms of how effective and how strong the hitbox is.

Tragedy Assault (DP + Punch), the heavy version is an overhead attack with good speed, and damage. If people kept blocking low on Nash, he could make them pay.

His air throw was really good, with great range and a fast start up. It would typically beat anyone's jump as long as they didn't have a normal sticking out.

I had trouble getting this combo to work, but a Nash player (Killey) absolutely was kicking the crap out of people with it. It involves linking his two target combos. The combo is standing light kick, standing medium kick, link into standing light punch, standing medium punch and then EX Sonic Scythe. You could also land it after Nash's cross up, but it seemed to not work so well against every fighter. The damage on this was soooooo strong. I believe around the 45% range.

Crouching medium punch is special cancellable and served as a strong base for his up close play and pressure. He could also cancel from standing light kick if I remember correctly, allowing you to link in from other light attacks, including crouching light kick, giving him low options from close range.

Nash's Sonic Scythe (QCB + K) reminded me a lot of Rose's drills from SF4. They were unsafe from certain ranges, but the medium kick version pushed the opponent back far enough and it seemed like the punish window was small enough that punishing it when spaced properly would be difficult/impossible. These simple two hit combos did solid damage and setup pressure from Nash once he got inside. Note, the heavy version travels upwards, to you'll probably want to stick to medium and light.

Many hoped EX Sonic Scythe was Nash's "get the heck off of me move" and it works in some rare cases, but the invincibility, or strong hit boxes on the move do not activate until you're like 5 or more frames into the attack. If you want to use this as a reversal — don't even think about it. I tried it under almost every possible scenario, and it lost, consistently. Once the move is several frames in, it works well, though. It also hits behind Nash's head, which is wild. The hitbox is strong with this one — once it gets going.

Many may be scratching their heads about the Adon comparison above, until they start using Nash's Moonsault Slash (QCF + K). This thing is completely safe on hit, and it appears the light and heavy versions actually leave you at frame advantage. The medium version is still safe on hit, in most cases, but either leaves you at -1 or -2 in frame disadvantage. It's a lot like Adon's Jaguar Kick, in terms of pressure and damage, but doesn't travel as far. It would also nail people who attempted to jump away from it, leaving Nash in their face.

Catalyst's notes

• Nash is a VERY cool character. While I compared him to other fighters in the SF4 series, I want to stress that he feels unique and very fun. He defies most people's expectations initially, in terms of playstyle, but once you grasp how to approach the fighter, you'll love him.

• Most people thought Nash's V-Trigger was fairly tame compared with most other character's (one teleport blows your entire V-Trigger gauge), and in a way they're right. The thing is, from what I found, this is one of Nash's few ways to escape pressure once and the opponent is knocking you around, and you gain this as you lose health, so it's actually very nice. With Nash's strong damage, it seems like V-Trigger can be coupled with some good fireball setups to land big damage as well. I don't think Nash's V-Trigger is as easy to use as other character's, but I think it holds up well, on the surface, in regards to what it offers.

• Trying to get away from Nash's Moonsault Scythes and Sonic Scythes is easier said than done. Because of his plethora of offensive options, you really need to respect this character once he's starts closing ground.

• With his EX Sonic Boom, you have to hit Punch again for the second projectile to come out, it doesn't do it automatically.

• His Sonic Boom seems pretty weak overall, with little utility outside of zoning big characters a bit (Birdie) and as a means to get inside by following behind it. Ryu easily out fireballed me, and so did Chun-Li, and I wouldn't call either of those character's fireball games particularly great at this stage. You can think of Nash's Sonic Boom, in terms of overall effectiveness, to be about on par with Sakura's in SF4.

• Again, be patient with Nash. He's got a unique style and approach to him, but an effective one. It's weird/frustrating playing him for most people familiar with Street Fighter 4 at first, but once you start learning his nuances, he's a lot of fun.

• Nash's Target Combos are very good. Standing light kick into standing medium kick and then standing light punch into standing medium punch. These can link into each other (starting with the kicks), and standing medium punch in his target combo is special cancelable.

DreamKing's notes

• To preface this, I didn't get a chance to try Nash out at E3, however, I did fight him quite a bit.

• Nash's wake up game is very weak. He has no real reversal options, aside from his V-Reversal that doesn't actually attack but rather, teleports him out of harm's way.

• EX Sonic Scythe has a small delay on start up making it a poor reversal. Can be thrown and hit out of on start up.

• Nash's Tragedy Assault (tackle) move isn't a command throw, it can be blocked. The heavy version hits overhead.

• Right now, it feels like Cammy is Nash's worst match up. Once she gets in, it's very difficult to stop her.

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