Fundamental Chun-Li players will love her in Street Fighter 5, she has new tricks, plus high damage combos - EventHubs E3 impressions

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 19, 2015 at 7:51 p.m. PDT | Comments: 87

Fundamental Chun-Li players will love her in Street Fighter 5, but she has new tricks too and high damage combos - EventHubs E3 impressions

We got in quite a bit of time with all six playable characters in Street Fighter 5 at E3 2015, and today we start off with our impressions of Chun-Li.

Notes for all of the remaining fighters, highlighting one per day from this point forward, will also cover Nash, M. Bison, Birdie, Ryu and Cammy.

Keep in mind, this is still an early build of the game, and quite a bit can change between now and the release.

If you have a question about Chun-Li in SF5, please leave a comment and we may be able to answer it. You can find the breakdown below.


Overall playstyle: If you've played Chun-Li since Street Fighter 3 onwards, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect here. A LOT of footsie based play and zoning with normals, although her V-Skill gives her a new way to approach and attack the opponent. Her fireballs felt very weak in this version though, and it's possible that this was due to the current cast having very viable counters to them, and the game placing a heavy emphasis on close ranged combat — so far. It's worth pointing out that no one's fireball game, not even Ryu's, felt particularly great.

Comparison: Chun-Li felt to me most like her Street Fighter 3 version crossed with Street Fighter 4. She had some nice and easy link combos and did great damage from a simple jump heavy kick, crouching medium kick into EX Lightning Legs. She's her own beast in SF5, but if you've been playing this character a lot through the years, you're going to feel pretty comfortable with her in this iteration, once you get used to her new normals and overall style.

Notable attacks: Chun-Li's crouching heavy kick (sweep) is an excellent poke, but unsafe on block, but it generally pushed the opponent far enough away to make it safe. I was also able to use it as an anti-air move a few times, but the timing and placement seems very strict.

Crouching medium kick had great range and a strong hitbox, plus it's special cancellable and made confirming into her lighting legs (or punishing from a distance) quite easy.

Jumping heavy kick has a very nice hitbox that reaches down very far, meaning it's not easy to anti air, and Chun can use it to get in reasonably well after using her V-Skill or hoping over a fireball or poke.

EX Spinning Bird Kick felt nearly identical to how it was in Street Fighter 4, including invincibility and avoid/punish options for the opponent.

Down + toward medium kick is a good over head, fast and can easily be used in conjunction with her sweep to keep their defense honest.

Catalyst's notes

• Chun-Li's walk speed is very nice, and her throw range seems pretty much intact from Street Fighter 4. You couple this with high damage combos and strong pokes, and you've formed the basis of her offense. Simple and consistent reads can spell doom for your opponent quite quickly with just these base attacks.

• Her V-Trigger is really good, and something you're going to want to activate almost the moment it comes up. It has some recovery time, as I was hit out of it when I activated during a meaty move, so you cannot just throw it out without any regard for the situation you're in, but the moment you're free, you're going to want to spring it. Her V-Trigger makes many of her moves hit twice, which can make blocking them more of a challenge, but she's also covered in sparks the entire time her V-Trigger is activated, so opponents should have a strong idea of when they need to be extra weary. Still, the damage buff you gain here is very good, and coupled with her already strong damage, people are going to be afraid to hit buttons when they see the sparks come out.

• Crouching light punch can be linked into crouch medium kick, and it seemed reasonably easy, like a 2-frame link. Toss in an EX Lightning Leg, and you've got great damage from a light.

• Speaking of Lightning Legs, all of the regular versions are unsafe on block. The light version is more difficult to punish if you're not looking for it, but a proper jab or throw will do the trick. EX Lightning Legs are safe on block, but we only tested them against a jab, throw and Dragon Punch.

• She can walk behind her jab fireball and follow up with down + medium punch (slide punch) for a two hit combo, if your opponent is somewhat far away for you to catch up enough to the projectile.

• Her V-Skill does NOT go through fireballs on start up, so you need to avoid projectiles with it, and then follow up.

DreamKing's notes

• Chun-Li has many of her trademark attacks, but with a new twist on each.

• Lightning Legs are now a quarter-circle forward motion instead of mashing kicks.

• Standing medium punch is no longer a long range poke. In SFxT, you could hit standing medium punch cancelled into Lightning Legs for pressure, but that's not the case in SF5.

• Back + medium punch is Chun's long range MP this time. It is not special cancellable.

• Crouching heavy punch cancelled into Lightning Legs is still one of Chun's main combo starters. With the quarter-circle forward motion, this combo is MUCH easier to pull off.

• Jumping heavy punch still hits twice, but no longer leaves your opponent in a juggle state.

• Crouching heavy kick is no longer a viable anti-air. Based on our testings, it gets beaten out very easily now.

• Sen'en Shuu is a command normal performed by hitting down toward + medium kick. From what it seemed, this move doesn't go over projectiles. It's fast, stays low to the ground and is hard to block on reaction.

• Back + heavy punch command normal. Looks like old close standing heavy punch.

• She still has an air throw.

Sample combos:
• j.HP (two hits), V-Skill, D+MK x3 (head stomps), EX Lightning Legs
• cr.HP (first hit) xx LK Lightning Legs, cr.LP xx LK Spinning Bird Kick

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