Capcom announces new rule addition for the 2015 Capcom pro tours premier tournaments

Posted by John 'Action_John' Macone • June 4, 2015 at 7:41 a.m. PDT | Comments: 40

Given the importance of the Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom announced yesterday that a new rule would be added to the Pro Tour, effective immediately.

This rule is a precautionary measure inspired by the situation at Stunfest, in which the top two players (Daigo and Momochi) had already qualified previously, so the third place contestant (Infiltration) was awarded qualification.

Specifically, Capcom is looking to avoid a situation where the top four players in an event all already qualify, seeing as how fifth place is technically a tie in a double elimination event. Going forward, if this situation occurs then instead of rewarding qualification for the event, they will remove the automatic qualifier for that event and apply an extra qualifying slot to the Pro Tour leaderboard. This addition will not affect the CPT Asia Finals qualifying event, because that is a round robin, not double elimination.

Hit the jump for the official rule and statement from Capcom!
"In the event the top 4 or more finishers of a double elimination format Premier Tournament have already qualified for Capcom Cup, the automatic qualifying spot for that event will be eliminated. Instead, an additional qualifying spot on the leaderboard will be added...We believe this is the fairest way to determine Capcom Cup participants and it will reward those who put in the work to accumulate points over the course of the entire year. Prize money and everything else will not be affected in any way."

What do you think of this new rule? How do you think this might affect the competition? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Capcom Pro Tour
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