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Shadow Jago will have an air fireball, dive kick, and enhanced moves that aren't Shadows - new Killer Instinct information from EVO panel

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 17, 2015 at 2:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 19

The Killer Instinct panel over at EVO 2015 is currently live, and the folks over at Microsoft/Iron Galaxy have spilled the beans on what we can expect to see from the new Shadow Jago.

KICentral is currently on the scene and live tweeting images from the panel. The new and improved Shadow Jago will have a familiar feel to his non-shadow counterpart, but will be different enough to make him a stand alone fighter.

He no longer has Laser Sword or Wind Kick, but has been given an air fireball, dive kick, and more.

Shadow Jago slides from EVO panel - Killer Instinc image #1 Shadow Jago slides from EVO panel - Killer Instinc image #2 Shadow Jago slides from EVO panel - Killer Instinc image #3
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Shadow Jago's combat trait is called Shadow Surge. This gives Shago the ability to hit a button after a special move is performed to enhance the move for a small amount of meter.

He'll also be equipped with his Dark Slide and Dark Stalking (dive kick) boss moves. The dive kick can be performed both in the air and on the ground, and regardless of hit or block will bounce off the opponent.
When Shadow Jago uses his combat trait for Dark Slide, he will teleport behind his opponent and attack as a cross-up, but this is unsafe. On that subject, his air fireball can also be Surged and instead of throwing two horizontal projectiles, will throw one horizontal and one down-forward.

His back and forward dash will also differ from regular Jago's in that they go further than Jago's, but also take longer to finish up. During his dash, Shago will disappear from screen making him momentarily invulnerable and allowing him to pass through opponents. He can also cancel the dash early into throw, uppercut, or dive kick.

Lastly, Shadow Jago will have two new command moves: B+HK, an overhead kick that is used by the boss version of the character, and F+HK, a dash-cancellable push kick.

Nothing was said about Shadow Jago's instinct mode as it is still in the works.

Thanks to KICentral for the information.
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