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Capcom handling PC version of Street Fighter 5, parity with PS4 is crucial - Dahlgren shares thoughts on EventHubs community

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • July 3, 2015 at 8:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 128

Capcom handling PC version of Street Fighter 5, parity with PS4 is crucial - Dahlgren shares thoughts on EventHubs community

One of the questions that often surfaced from our readers is who would be handling the PC version of Street Fighter 5. As it turns out, Capcom is handling it themselves, as one of the things they're stressing is parity between the two platforms.

"The PC version of SF5 is being developed internally," said Capcom's Matt Dahlgren.

"We have to have parity between the PC and PlayStation 4 version, for cross platform play to work, so they will be coming out simultaneously and developed by the same dev team," he said.

Fans also wondered if they were plans for an arcade release of SF5, but Capcom's answer was a succinct "No."

I asked about the mature rating Street Fighter 5 received in a few places, but Capcom said it's going to be a teen rating when it is released, although the game hadn't been rated by the ESRB, yet.

"We're not going to have Street Fighter as a mature franchise, it's meant to be all encompassing and inviting to players of all types, so the mature rating was just an error," noted Dahlgren.
Capcom's discussion about PC version of SF5 image #1
Ranked mode, global leaderboards and a rematch option

For online play, I inquired if they were going to rework the player point and battle point system that was in Street Fighter 4.

Capcom said that yes, it would be changed this time around, but they would have new details to share about that very soon.

Going a bit further, I followed up by asking the team if the online leaderboards for SF5's ranked modes would be global, or if they will be separate for the PC and PS4.

"They will be global, that's part of the purpose of uniting the community, so there is a centralized playerbase, and we can have one unified ranking system," stated Dahlgren.

Closing out the online mode questions, a request we'd heard about frequently was if there would be a rematch option when playing online with just two players.

"We've definitely heard that request, and it will be a discussion point within our company for sure," Dahlgren said.

In a nut shell, if Capcom can get it done and there are no technical hurdles involved — it will get done.

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Capcom's passion for fighting games and thoughts on the EventHubs community

One of the more illuminating moments of our interview was hearing Dahlgren speak about Capcom's passion for fighting games, and how much the team cares deeply about their stewardship of the franchise.

Something that became readily apparent to me is that this isn't just a job for their fighting game team, they are deeply invested and care tremendously about our scene, and the games they're developing.

"We check out EventHubs all of the time, we read all of the comments," said Dahlgren.

"It's one of our primary news sources to see what the pulse is of the fighting game community," he said. "If I could say one thing, it's please try and work with us, we're out here trying to forge a new pathway forward for fighting games.”

"We're trying to put good opportunities together with the Capcom Pro Tour, and we definitely want to live up to your expectations, but try and help us be better, don't try to tear us down," he said.

Capcom mentioned there have been hurdles along the way, but wanted the fighting game community to know they're in the thick of things with us.

"There are going to be bumps along the road, but we're all in this together, and we want to forge the future of fighting games, so we'd really appreciate your support," stated Dahlgren.

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