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Ono: Street Fighter 5's netcode will be based on Street Fighter X Tekken's, but tuned for better performance, will run smoother than Tekken's

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • January 31, 2015 at 4:59 p.m. PST • Comments: 71

At the Taipei Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) and Taiwan (SCET) arranged for EventHubs and various Taiwanese media representatives to attend a group interview session with Yoshinori Ono, where we got to grill the Capcom corporate officer on all things Street Fighter 5.

This is the first part of that interview, and it covers one of the hot-button concerns for the fighting games community: how will the netcode in SF5 be like?

KarbyP: When it comes to online play, according to numerous fighting game fans, the netcode in Katsuhiro Harada's Tekken series is best-in-class, beating out the online play experience in Street Fighter.

So we're wondering if Ono is confident that Street Fighter 5's netcode will be able to knock Tekken's netcode out of the park, this time around.

Ono: We're losing to the Tekken series in terms of the netcode?
KarbyP: (Bluntly) Why, yes!

Ono: I don't really feel that's the case though, that we're losing to Tekken on that *laughs*.

KarbyP: (Realizes what he said was rather blunt) ...Well, what I mean is, it's been several years since Super Street Fighter 4 was released [and Ultra Street Fighter 4's online modes were basically built on top of SSF4's netcode], so the netcode and online functionality for the SF4 series hasn't really evolved that much [to the level that the Tekken series has].

Ono: Ah, I see. Well, I think we did a pretty good job with the netcode in Street Fighter X Tekken, since it's got a rewind or rollback feature similar to GGPO. With regards to the netcode for Street Fighter 5, we're thinking of implementing a similar rollback feature here, and looking into how we can optimize it for a smoother experience.

KarbyP: But is Capcom also looking into a different netcode technology that's potentially superior or more advanced than the rollback technique used in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Ono: No, I think it's probably impossible for netcode technology more advanced than what was used in Street Fighter X Tekken (rollbacks) to be implemented in the current generation of gaming consoles. So rather than look for such a solution, we're taking the netcode technology used in SFxT, and looking into ways to tune it for better performance [for Street Fighter 5].

Ono later recapped his response to this question during the interview session, as the Chinese interpreter present did not manage to translate it for the Taiwanese media representatives present.

Ono: First of all, no, we won't lose to Tekken in terms of the netcode. Ours will definitely be better.

I'll admit that the netcode in the Street Fighter 4 series has indeed become fairly old technology.

But for Street Fighter 5, we plan on incorporating an optimized version of the rollback netcode technique used in Street Fighter X Tekken, and we'll work hard on making it possible for players all over the world -- even those with suboptimal online connections -- to enjoy a smooth online play experience.

So please write that it [the netcode] will be smoother than in Tekken *laughs*.

Also, the next time you get a chance to interview Harada, please ask him the same question but tell him that Ono said Street Fighter's netcode is better than Tekken's *laughs*.

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