Apex no longer affiliated with CLASH Tournaments due to 'a breach in confidentiality'

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • January 21, 2015 at 4 p.m. PST

One day after the Apex series, known for holding the world's largest Super Smash Bros. tournaments, announced that co-owner Johnathan 'Alex Strife' Lugo would be stepping down in light of recent harassment allegations, the group is announcing another departure.

This time around, it's CLASH Tournaments (CT), who has been the Apex series's official streaming partner for the last couple of years, that's going.

Apex announced today that it is no longer affiliated with CT due to "a breach in confidentiality" -- a breach that CLASH Tournaments's owner Mark 'Chibo' Korsak says he was never informed of.

"Last night, I did make a post in the group (Team Apex) saying [that] I understand if you do not want me here due to my involvement with the accusations against Strife, and I would not think any less of Apex staff in general if asked to not be involved," Korsak told EventHubs.

"However, since I was never contacted after the accusations [against Strife], never removed from the group, and even tagged in a post regarding work on the stream after we had posted such accusations, I figured it was safe to say that we were still involved. This all happened last night," he continued.

"By the time I woke up this morning, I had been asked to leave, though without any precise reasoning, specifically not related to what they said on Twitter. I was prepared for the case of no longer working with Apex, but with the timeline of events, it did come as sort of a surprise and with no exact reasoning."
According to Team Apex in a statement released on Twitter, CLASH Tournaments's removal had nothing to do with the victims of sexual harassment.

Rather, the dismissal was due to measures that have been implemented to remove "people who create an unsafe environment, which included CLASH" due to the alleged confidentiality breach.

"CLASH Tournaments has been removed from Apex 2015 due to unprofessional conduct with regards to releasing personal information about APEX staff members and confidential information regarding the event itself," Team Apex told EventHubs when we reached out for further clarification.

"Team Apex is vehemently against sexual harassment and bullying. The removal of CLASH Tournaments was not in retaliation to any evidence that was brought forth about former staff member Alex Strife. To be clear, Alex Strife is no longer apart of Apex as a result of the recent events that came to light.

"However, unrelated to Alex Strife, CLASH Tournaments was wholly unprofessional in the comments that were made about the event. Therefore, they were let go."

When pressed further for what the breach in confidentiality or CLASH Tournaments's comments were specifically about, Team Apex declined to comment.

Now that Apex 2015 will be moving forward without CLASH Tournaments as a streaming partner, who will be replacing them to handle the streaming duties?

Team Apex says they will be releasing that information in the near future.

Sources: Team Apex, CT|Chibo.
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