Ono wants to bring Street Fighter 5 to the PlayStation Vita

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 18, 2015 at 2:47 p.m. PST

Back during the Taipei Game Show earlier this year, Capcom had a showing of their upcoming PlayStation 4/PC exclusive title -- Street Fighter 5. Two of the greatest players on the tournament scene today, MCZ|Daigo and AvM|Gamerbee, participated in an exhibition of the still-in-development title, and Capcom's own Yoshinori Ono shared more information about the game throughout the weekend.

Speaking on the subject of the aforementioned console exclusivity, Ono expressed his interest in broadening the game's horizons.

"[Street Fighter 5] will be an exclusive for the PS4 and PC. I'd like to make it for the Vita in the future but for now, my focus is for Sony and the PS4," Ono said.

The Capcom producer wants to bring the next-gen fighter to the world of handheld, and considering the company's recent partnership with Sony, this may not be entirely out of the question. Still, as Ono stated, the focus for the time being is getting Street Fighter 5 into the hands of PlayStation 4 and PC owners.
Ono previously explained that he doesn't want too many playable fighters on the Street Fighter 5 roster. Fewer fighters should mean a smoother transition to the handheld platform, if/when Capcom decided to port the game.

Although, we've already seen a solid version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 released on PlayStation Vita, and the Versus fighter has a whopping 50 playable characters. If past events are any indication, Capcom shouldn't have too much trouble bringing the 5th numerical Street Fighter title to Vita (again, if they decide to go that route in the future).

Just yesterday, Mr. Ono sent out a tweet mentioning a Street Fighter 5 conference with Capcom UK that is set to take place soon. Although this will more than likely be a behind-closed-doors meeting between the Capcom representatives, we can only imagine that they're gearing up for some fresh announcements in the coming months. Hopefully we get to see Charlie (Nash) soon.

Source: Famitsu and IGN. Via PlayStation Lifestyle.
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