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New 3on3 Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade fighting game announced; which FF series will you fight for?

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • February 14, 2015 at 8:24 a.m. PST • Comments: 66

Between two announcements yesterday and today, it looks like Square Enix is trying to appeal to the fighting games crowd to give their latest arcade titles a shot.

Yesterday Square Enix announced fighting game (Ultra Street Fighter 4) collaboration costumes for its Gunslinger Stratos 2 arcade arena shooter for Japanese arcades. And today, they've kicked things up a notch, by announcing a new Final Fantasy title for the arcades that appears to be a 3-on-3 arena fighting game.

The new game is entitled "Dissidia Final Fantasy", and it will be a reboot of the arena fighting game series of the same name for PSP, complete with graphical, storyline and game mechanics overhauls.

A teaser trailer was released today, showing what appears to be gameplay similar to Gunslinger Stratos, except with teams of three characters instead of four, and a focus on swashbuckling sword fight action rather than gunplay.

Publisher Square Enix and its partner on the title, arcade chain operator Taito, plans to unveal more details on this title in a press conference on April 10. For now, enjoy the trailer, and read on for our thoughts on if this title would ever come to consoles.
Will the new Dissidia Final Fantasy eventually make its way to consoles? That's quite hard to say at this point, since we aren't able to fully ascertain what the control mechanics will be like.

Given that Taito and Square Enix have already worked on at least two titles that I can think of right off the top of my head that have never made it to consoles -- Gunslinger Stratos and Gunslinger Stratos 2 -- the new Dissidia could certainly stay exclusive to arcades if Taito thinks it would make sense to buy the exclusivity rights to it.

But from Square Enix's perspective, it probably makes more sense to eventually release it on consoles -- which will allow them to sell retail and digital copies to the rest of the world, not Japan.

Since Gunslinger Stratos was a brand new intellectual property, whereas Final Fantasy has a 28-year-long history behind it (the first game was published in 1987), our bets are on that the game will eventually make its way to consoles. But not before the standard one or two year exclusivity period afforded to the arcade version.

Once the buzz for the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy dies off, hopefully Square Enix will have good news for us on the console front. Until then, let's wait for their announcements on April 10.

Video from Square Enix via NeoGAF, Siliconera. Sent in by YoYoCheese and HooliganComboFTW.
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