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Apex 2014 and 2015 champion PPMD shares the hilarious origin story for his name in this article on gamers with eccentric handles

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 12, 2015 at 8:01 p.m. PST • Comments: 20

Apex 2015, the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament to date. Over 1,600 attendants fought over three days for the crown of Smash champion. Finally the dust settled as Melee, the tournament's main attraction, finished. Only one man was left standing. His name? Dr. Pee Pee.

Well, officially Kevin Nanney's gamer tag is now EG|PPMD, but that's simply a tasteful abbreviation for "Dr. Pee Pee."

The editors over at Kotaku interviewed a handful of professional gamers with... interesting names. Along with players like Balls, JesusStick and FruitDealer, PPMD makes viewers turn their heads twice when processing his gaming name.

Just how did one of the most successful Super Smash players of all time arrive at "Dr. Pee Pee" for his name? Read on and find out by hitting the jump.
"As with all good nickname stories, we begin in the 7th grade. Nanney brought his lunch to school every day, which included a massive thermos of orange juice. As he was about to take a sip, his friend cracked a particularly good joke, prompting Nanney to burst into laughter and fumble his thermos. Orange juice went everywhere, including the very center of his pants.

"It was bad enough to not want to stand out in middle school," he said. "But then my friend also made fun of me the rest of the day for looking like I peed myself. He gave me lots of names that day, but the one I remember most clearly is 'Dr Peepee.'"

Flash forward to Nanney getting a ride to his first Smash Bros. tourney. He realizes he doesn't have a handle to enter with and has to quickly come up with one on the spot. He recalls that fateful day in 7th grade and the rest is history.

"Many people started getting upset losing to a guy with such a stupid name but that didn't really seem to stop me. Then I blew up as a player and everyone had to respect the goofy name I had saddled myself with. Around this time, a friend suggested altering his name to add credibility. Dr Pee pee could become PPMD, which would both honor his original name and add a degree of sophistication."

There you have it. The origin story of the great Dr. Pee Pee. If you snickered or chuckled to yourself at any point while reading this, you're immature. (I snickered easily over 20 times while writing it.)

You can see PPMD's grand finals victory at Apex 2015 here:
You can check out the entire article with the aforementioned player names, like Balls, as well as the full spot on PPMD.

Video source: VGBootCamp.

Photo source: Karaface. Thank you to Xbtran for the tip!
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