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Pre-release Tekken 7 is already eSports now: high-level combos and highlights from Tekken Crash Returns team tournament

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • February 11, 2015 at 10:50 a.m. PST • Comments: 17

Tekken 7 isn't even officially out in arcades yet (much less consoles), and already it's been given the eSports treatment in South Korea. I'm referring, of course, to the Tekken Crash Returns show that premiered in South Korea about two weeks ago.

That's really quite amazing and enviable. One has to wonder if Capcom might be able to pull off something similar before the actual release of Street Fighter 5.

Two weeks ago we posted the YouTube archive for Tekken Crash Returns, but at almost two hours' long, that's quite a lot to watch through. I haven't even gone through it myself.

So for those of you (and me) who are interested in checking out what sort of high-level hijinks is possible in Tekken 7 without having to sit through nearly two hours' worth of footage, YouTube users jay jelly and Tyler Bleu have made highlight reels that focus on the hype moments on the show.
Videos from jay jelly and Tyler Bleu via Avoiding The Puddle.
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