Daigo makes an incredible comeback on Infiltration, Keoma wreaks havoc, and much more: Capcom Cup 2015 highlights

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 6, 2015 at 10:49 p.m. PST

Capcom Cup 2015 has officially concluded, and this end-of-the-year tournament featured some of the world's greatest Ultra Street Fighter 4 players doing what they do best.

Needless to say, there were a myriad of incredible moments to behold. So, tonight we have a bit of a mega highlights story for you to enjoy that shares some of our favorite moments from the tournament.

Below is just one to get you started.

This time, Hugo protects the skies

EG|Momochi went up against RZR|RB at the very start of today's action, and the latter demonstrated some of his amazing Hugo skills early in the set. Watch as he punishes Ken's instant-air heavy punch, on hit, with ultra 2.

Click images for animated versions

Seth gets hit... hard

Seth can generally give Zangief quite a bit of trouble with his fireballs, high mobility, DP, and more. But when Itabashi Zangief went up against /r/Kappa|Poongko today, he showed that one opening can really turn the tide in battle.

In the first highlight below, you'll see a lightning fast round in which one combo leads to a quick KO on Seth. After, you'll find a great read from Itabashi that leads into another devastating combo.

Keoma begins the havoc...

FGCBR|Keoma from Brazil put on an amazing show today. Placing in top 8 and taking out a handful of incredibly strong opponents, the Abel player Tornado Threw his way into the hearts of the people.

For an idea of how Keoma played today, check out this clip from his match up with RB|Snake Eyez.

Roll-ento gets punished

YBK|Dashio squared off against Nemo in an exciting, fast-paced match up between Seth and Rolento, respectively. Nemo's go-to move during the set was EX Roll, but Dashio showed his awareness by punishing it time and time again with Seth's ultra 1. Download complete.

The fake out!

RZR|Infiltration showcased a few of his characters today, but his Decapre was certainly the most entertaining. Watch as he makes an incredible read on QANBA|Dakou's jump and punishes with air throw.

Frame traps. Frame traps. Ultra!

When facing EG|Justin Wong, MF|Tonpy's C. Viper hit a string of frame traps, only to confirm into a devastating super jump cancelled ultra 1.

Chop 'em down, chop 'em down

/r/Kappa|Misse made a sick read against RB|Bonchan in the very first match of their set. At the end of the second round, both players sat on only a pixel of life, with Bonchan scoring a knockdown after a throw. But Misse had the perfect counter for Bonchan's chip out attempt.

Also, be sure to click the second GIF to watch an amazing bait also from Misse.

Teleport beats Flash Kick

MCZ|Tokido sent YOMI|Dieminion packing in the top 32, but the final play of the set was most impressive. Seeing the Flash Kick a mile away, Tokido avoids with teleport and then...

Keoma continues the havoc

Keoma landed Abel's ultra 1 many, many times throughout this event. Some of the most amazing confirms, however, came from his match with AvM|GamerBee.

Which side?!

Kazunoko's dominance with Yun at this year's Capcom Cup was no joke. When facing KIG|Problem X, the final play utilized a nasty cross-under shoulder into Genei Jin.

Clash of the Titans

Infiltration went up against MCZ|Daigo in one of the most exciting sets of the year. Early on, Daigo put a beating on Infil by scoring a perfect that involved a stun from landing on a fireball.

In the fourth game, The Beast pulled off an incredible comeback that will surely be talked about for quite some time.

Yoga Fail

In the event's losers finals, RZR|Xian caused a repeat of last year by picking Dhalsim against Daigo. Though the well-time pokes worked for a while, they couldn't stop The Beast from cornering his opponent.

Daigo punished an EX Yoga Fire with Evil Ryu's ultra 2 from a very deceptive range.

Meet your Capcom Cup 2015 champion

And of course, the final moment from the tournament.

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