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How would Evil Ryu fit into Street Fighter 5? Perhaps we already have some answers

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 26, 2015 at 7:12 p.m. PDT • Comments: 108

We had recent speculation that perhaps both Juri and Evil Ryu may make their way into Street Fighter 5.

Many players have theorized that Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode was actually some kind of preparation and/or test for Street Fighter 5. Ryu gained a parry as well as a target combo in Omega Mode, both of which ended up in S5. Furthermore, Omega featured a more lenient combo window, similar to that of SF5 as well.

At this point, we have no leads beyond the speculations discussed in the story posted above, but if Omega was indeed a testing ground for SF5 tech, we can get something of an idea of how Evil Ryu would transition into the world of Street Fighter 5.

Hit the jump below to see our speculation of Evil Ryu's play style in SF5.
Play Style

Before we dive in, it's important to remember that one of the main focuses of Street Fighter 5 is to shy away from any clone-like characters. If there are going to be multiple Shotos, they're going to have to differ greatly from each other.

Ryu has already taken the "traditional Shoto" style, forcing Ken to adopt a totally different one. If Evil Ryu were in SF5, we see him more as a character who fights from an arm's length away, manipulating opponents into situations wherein he can utilize heavy-hitting moves for big damage.

If Ryu is defensive, and Ken is offensive, Evil Ryu would be the middle ground. Evil Ryu's Target combos would very much fit the bill of Street Fighter 5. His regular TC from USF4 reaches an arm's length in front of him. His Omega TC hits twice and pops up, offering a cancel into a follow up.

This would be a big change of pace from USF4, as he wouldn't have his seemingly endless combos and incredibly offensive nature. He'd be more of a mid-range zoner.
Setting Sun Hadouken

This version of the Hadouken is much more defensive than the traditional style. It creates a wall in front of Evil Ryu, and would mostly be used for zoning opponents out of the space immediately in front of him. This move could be Evil Ryu's V-Skill, as it's fairly situational as far as when it's practical.

V-Skills tend to be aimed at supplementing a character's style, so it would make sense, if Evil Ryu's comfort zone were an arm's length away, that this move would become integral in controlling that space.


This is Omega Evil Ryu's incredibly far-reaching, multi-hitting lunge punch. Yet another move to control the immediate space in front of Evil Ryu, this would also make for a great V-Skill, as it's essentially a more offense-based version of the Setting Sun Hadouken.

At the same time, we could also see two versions of this move being part of his arsenal, the stronger of which would be part of his V-Trigger. Regularly, this could hit once as a poking tool, but while Evil Ryu is in a powered up state, it could hit multiple times and knock down.

Axe Kick

A defining move of Evil Ryu in USF4, his EX-Axe Kick in Omega gains multiple hits and a pop up stomp at the end. This version screams Street Fighter 5, especially when compared to some of special moves that Necalli and M. Bison have in their powered up states.

The pop up version would likely be a part of Evil Ryu's V-Trigger arsenal, while the regular version could simply be a combo extender.

Final Thoughts

Omega Evil Ryu also has a command grab that mimics the Raging Demon. Including this would certainly set him apart as a Shoto. Command grabs, unless using an object like Birdie's chain, are traditionally only useful up close. This style of command grab may not necessarily fit the approach we've mapped out for Evil Ryu's character design.

As alluded to earlier, his V-Trigger would be an all-around boost of his attributes and specials. Perhaps his moves would be harder-hitting, multi-hitting and/or safer. If he's not a rush down character however, then perhaps his V-Trigger would be indefinite like Necalli's

Ultimately, his style would somewhat similar to what it is in USF4. He would get his damage from decently long-reaching normals as he dances in the neutral. The twist would be, he wouldn't get ridiculously long combos, or be quite as comfortable in your face.

After reading this, what are your thoughts? Still totally unlikely that Evil Ryu be in SF5, or can you realistically see him, with his Omega move list, in the game? Feel free to agree, disagree and give your own opinions in the comments below.

Video source: A-DSplay/YuGiOh101.
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