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Harada: Tekken 7 will not have Revolution's fully invincible attacks, Catalina has single-button attack strings geared towards beginners

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • September 29, 2014 at 5:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 55

At Mad Catz's Tokyo Game Show booth last week, we caught up with Tekken series Katsuhiro Harada and Tekken Project team member Michael Murray (who is also a producer on Bandai Namco's 2-on-2 fighting game Rise of Incarnates, which is coming out on Steam later this year) right after they announced Catalina for Tekken 7, to find out a little bit more about the new character.

And since the location tests for Tekken 7 were coming out real soon (this weekend), we wanted to see if we could gleam any hints on what's in store for fans in the new game, too.

While Harada and Murray could not reveal a whole lot about the latest Tekken title, even with the location tests coming up so soon, they did their best to tell us as much as they could reveal for now. So take from this interview what you can, and find out with us here on EventHubs later this week on how Tekken 7 will actually play, once the location test have begun.
EventHubs: Harada said that Catalina would be a character that beginners would find easy to use. But by that what is he referring to exactly? Does he mean that she'd have fewer moves than some of the other fighters, so beginners won't have to memorize as much when picking her up? In what sense will she be easier to play?

Katsuhiro Harada (interpreted through Michael Murray): It's not so much about the number of techniques. For people who know how to play Tekken, they'd know to try out different strings, right? Like Left Kick, Right Punch or something like that.

But for beginners, they're not going to think to try out these combinations. We've noticed that many beginners would just jam on the buttons -- usually something like Left Kick, Left Kick, Left Kick or Right Punch, Right Punch, Right Punch.

For Catalina, she will have strings that comprise entirely of repeated presses of the same button. So that when they're jamming on the buttons, at least there will be some cool and flashy moves that will come out.

So in that sense Catalina will be easier to play, and [serve as] at the very least a foothold in the door.

EventHubs: In Tekken Revolution, for the first time fully invincible moves were introduced into the series, as opposed to the partially invincible High Crush and Low Crush move properties. Do you plan on including fully invincible moves in Tekken 7? We hear that these do not sit very well with stance characters who cannot block while in stance...

Harada: In general, elements from Tekken Revolution, such as fully invincible moves, will be not included in Tekken 7.

EventHubs: Since the location tests for Tekken 7 are coming up very soon, is there anything you could comment on with regards to system mechanics?

(Note: during the Mad Catz TGS stream, Harada did mention that there will be two new system mechanics in Tekken 7, after all)

Harada: Unfortunately, not at the moment. I would love for everyone to see the mechanics with their own eyes during the location test period.

EventHubs: What about existing mechanics like Bound and Rage? Could you comment on if they will be returning in Tekken 7?

Harada: ...For that, please look forward to finding out during the location tests.

We tried, folks! We tried as much as we could to get the Tekken series director to spill the beans on gameplay mechanics for Tekken 7. But alas, his lips were mum, and he gave us nary a hint -- but he also did not confirm or deny if Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Bound combos and Rage system might or might not be making a return in Tekken 7.

Regardless if you'd like to see the Bound and Rage mechanics return or be removed entirely in Tekken 7, at the very least your hope is still alive -- until we find out this weekend, when the Tekken 7 location tests are scheduled to take place in Japan.

One thing is for sure though: fully invincible moves, and other mechanics from Tekken Revolution, will not be making a return. That should make Zafina players happy, right? Since she's a stance-heavy character and did not make an appearance in Tekken Revolution...

(*hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge* Do you see what I'm getting at?)
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