DreamHack Stockholm 2014 results, battle logs and stream archive ft. Luffy, Ryan Hart, Popi, Valmaster, Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, Phenom, veggey and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • September 27, 2014 at 12:05 p.m. PDT

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's DreamHack Summer, DreamHack Winter and even DreamHack Valencia, which all carry high-prize Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments, but the DreamHack franchise is not done growing just yet. This year, for the first time, DreamHack Stockholm is taking place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Notable players attending include MD|Luffy, DIG|Ryan Hart, HOG|Popi, Valmaster, IND|Ixion, Yagami, F-Word, BX3|Phenom, BX3|veggey, propBB2|Ettelman and more.

Streaming duties are being handled by Armshouse over at the official DreamHack Fighters Twitch channel, and you can find an embedded live stream, and early results, below.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Results

1. MD|Luffy (Rose)
2. DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat, Ryu, Evil Ryu)
3. BX3|veggey (Zangief, Yun)
4. BX3|Phenom (M. Bison)
5. HOG|Popi (Yun, Cammy, Fei Long, Evil Ryu, Ryu)
5. Yonzai (Blanka, Guy, Ryu)
7. Bashfest (Sagat)
7. F-Word (Ibuki)

9. IND|King Funk (Zangief, Gouken, Rufus)
9. Yagami (Rolento)
9. Felix Ekman (Rose, Gen)
9. B1t (Poison, M. Bison)
13. Chino (Ken, Fei Long, Evil Ryu)
13. Papz (M. Bison)
13. Chico (Ryu)
13. GxC|Damascus (Ibuki)

17. Dysfori (Ken)
17. propBB2|Ettelman (Makoto, Dudley)
17. Taicho (Vega)
17. Forward Dash (Abel)
17. Valmaster (Chun-Li)
17. SSK|freen00b (Cody)
17. IND|Ixion (Dan)
17. IvDGaming|Warbio (Ibuki)

25. propBB2|Archiba (Balrog)
25. Lahadima (Chun-Li)
25. Vaken
25. Leffen (Yun)
25. JSharp (Zangief)
25. EH|MajinTenshinhan (Poison, Cody)
25. JNorthlander (Hakan)
25. Jamo (Poison, Rufus)

Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: MD|Luffy (Rose) eliminated DIG|Ryan Hart (Evil Ryu, Ryu) 3-1.

• Losers finals: DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) eliminated BX3|veggey (Yun, Zangief) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: BX3|veggey (Zangief) eliminated BX3|Phenom (M. Bison) 3-1.

• BX3|Phenom (M. Bison) eliminated HOG|Popi (Yun) 3-2.

• BX3|veggey (Zangief) eliminated Yonzai (Blanka, Ryu) 3-0.

• Winners finals: MD|Luffy (Rose) beat DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) 3-0.

• BX3|Phenom (M. Bison) eliminated Bashfest (Sagat) 3-0.

• BX3|veggey (Zangief) eliminated F-Word (Ibuki) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: MD|Luffy (Rose) beat HOG|Popi (Cammy) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) beat Yonzai (Blanka) 3-1.

Top 16 battle log

• Bashfest (Sagat) eliminated IND|King Funk (Gouken, Zangief) 3-0.

• BX3|veggey (Zangief) eliminated Felix Ekman (Rose) 3-2.

• IND|King Funk (Zangief) eliminated Chino (Evil Ryu, Fei Long) 3-2.

• BX3|Phenom (M. Bison) eliminated Yagami (Rolento) 3-1.

• F-Word (Ibuki) eliminated B1t (Poison) 3-2.

• HOG|Popi (Evil Ryu) beat Felix Ekman (Rose) 3-0.

• Yagami (Rolento) eliminated Papz (M. Bison) 3-0.

• MD|Luffy (Rose) beat B1t (Poison, M. Bison) 3-0.

• DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) beat Bashfest (Sagat) 3-0.

• F-Word (Ibuki) eliminated GxC|Damascus (Ibuki) 3-1.

• Yonzai (Blanka, Guy) beat BX3|Phenom (M. Bison) 3-2.

• BX3|veggey (Zangief) eliminated Chico (Ryu) 3-0.

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