Little Mac has 16 costumes, Fox has a 'Wolf' color palette, run is shield-cancellable - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS impressions from Japan demo

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • September 6, 2014 at 9:08 a.m. PDT

This weekend, Nintendo is holding a Super Smash Bros. for 3DS public preview event at Japan's Chiba and Osaka prefectures where fans can go hands-on with a new demo build of the game.

Although pictures and videos of the new build were not allowed, a bunch of hardcore Smash players from Japan have posted their findings and impressings -- such as what alternate color palettes the playable cast has access to, as well as if there are any new system changes -- on the Web.

You'll find a brief summary of their findings below, as well as some images from Nintendo's latest commercial for the game -- which sees Japanese pop idol group AKB48 making "appearances" as Mii Fighters for the game.

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Interesting alternate skins or color palettes

- Little Mac has 16 costumes. 8 for his fleshy self, 8 for his wireframe version. His wireframe costumes involve changing his gloves. One of them is the sweater hoodie.

- Wolf is not in the game, but Fox has a Wolf color palette for one of his alternates -- gray fur, purple shades and grayish clothing. It's the only alternate that changes the color of Fox's fur -- but it is only a color palette, not a Wolf costume.

- Link has a "Fierce Deity Link" alternate costume.

- Olimar has Alph as a costume.

- Sonic has different shades of blue and one white-color skin for his alternates. No Metal Sonic.

System mechanics and play impressions

- There is no Melee dash dancing. It's incredibly hard to do with the circle pad but it's essentially the same thing as Brawl's (i.e. not super useful or practical).

- The game still has a sense of floatiness to it that is present in Brawl. It's definitely not like Melee where you drop like bricks.

- Shield rolling is extremely fast and there's a neat little sparkle star effect when you do it. It is like a mini-wave-dash. But there is no wave-dashing or l-cancelling tech from Melee.

- Ledge snap has been severely nerfed. It feels like Melee's ledge grab. It is definitely tougher to grab, and there is no snap. Marth and Shulk flip for their 2nd jump, and the game waits for their flip animation to finish before the ledge grabbing animation happens.

- Ledge stalling may be impossible now. If you drop from the ledge and jump back up, you literally will not grab it again. It's as if the ledge gains invulnerability to your grab for a certain amount of time after you let go (not 100% confirmed). When letting go of the ledge, and jumping back up to obvious grab range, a re-grab did not happen.

- You can cancel run with shielding.

- Pivot cancel is still in

- To whomever is worried about combos: there are combos.

New character impressions

Pac-man is slow. Every single one of his aerials are kicks. His forward aerial is a double kick, his back air is like Mario's. The thing that stood out about him is his utter sluggish-ness. His fall speed is like Brawl's. His run speed is slow. His forward-B sends a pellet out in front of him, and then he turns into classic Pac-man and boosts towards it. It's kind of like Greninja's shadow sneak thing except you can't time it.

However, his attacks felt like they had good hitboxes -- aerials especially have good hitboxes.

Pac-man's forward A is a combo like Marth's, except with punches.

- Robin is fantastic. Magic is not slow. When he has his spell book his attack speed is really good. If you use a smash attack in the air it uses his magic smash. If you use a normal aerial it uses his other weapon.

- Shulk has amazing spacing options because his Monado reaches very far. His second jump is a somersault. All of his smash attacks have a strange millisecond-ish load-up time before they come out, due to the Monado powering up.

- Palutena's smash reach is incredible. Her up smash is the giant pillar laser beam thing. Her side smash moves a bit forward and her wings slap in front of her.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In this summary we've left out the notes on returning characters' move changes and information on their alternate color palettes, since there's way too much to mention here.

You can find the full list of notes compiled here on NeoGAF as well as on Nintendo Enthusiast (which contains some of the info from the later pages of the thread).

Source: NeoGAF via Nintendo Enthusiast. Sent in by SirRetro08 and an anonymous tipster.
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