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Daigo : 'Hugo is a weak character; I play online matches on a CRT TV, but train offline on an LCD monitor for Ultra Street Fighter 4'

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • September 5, 2014 at 1:09 p.m. PDT • Comments: 56

Update: We've watched through the entire broadcast to bring you a full written transcript of the interview that MCZ|Zhi did with MCZ|Daigo.

Do note that what is written here may be different from what Zhi said in English, as we translated directly from the Japanese conversation between Zhi and Daigo.

Earlier: This weekend, MCZ|Daigo will be attending Capcom Pro Tour Asia's Taiwan qualifier, along with other notable killers such as RZR|Xian, AVM|Gamerbee, Humanbomb and more.

It's now the evening (Taiwan time) before Capcom Pro Tour Asia's Taiwan qualifier (the actual tournament takes place tomorrow), and MCZ|Zhi along with Cameraman from Singapore's Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe has got something very special planned for MCZ|Daigo fans.

Since yesterday, MCZ|Zhi has been busy gathering noteworthy short questions from the FGC for Mr. Daigo Umehara. And today, The Beast is going to answer all of your burning questions live on stream.

Check out the broadcast below.
In Daigo's book, he wrote that he's started going to the the gym to workout after becoming a pro gamer. Has he ever compared his reflexes from before starting on the workout regimen to after being on it, or noticed if working out improved his reflexes?

MCZ|Daigo: I'm not too sure about that. At the moment, it doesn't seem like working out has improved my reflexes. But in the longer run, like maybe when I'm in my 50s -- since I'm 33 now -- at that age I don't even know if I'd still even be a fighting games player, but maybe by that point all the exercise could actually make a difference.

As my stamina drops, I think my reaction speeds would fall as well. Improving my reaction speeds was never the reason I started working out to begin with.

It's just that since I lose my ability to concentrate when I start running out of stamina, and so to continue to compete at the frontlines [of tournaments] I'd need to exercise to improve or maintain my stamina. Otherwise my stamina would decrease as I grow older.

Was part of the reason for working out to look better as well?

MCZ|Daigo: Hmmm, yeah, that's part of the reason too. But rather than working out to become thinner, as I'm a sponsored player I need to look good wearing this t-shirt.

You seem to have gained weight.

MCZ|Daigo: Yep, compared to past photos of myself, I've definitely gained weight.

Is it due to the muscles you've gained from working out?

MCZ|Daigo: There's fat as well.

In a TV documentary it was shown that Daigo trains with both an LCD monitor as well as a CRT TV in the same room. Is that for some special training he does to improve his reflexes, or for getting used to tempos? Does it help in improving his reaction speed in some way?

MCZ|Daigo: I use the LCD monitor to practice for overseas tournaments. As for the CRT TV, it's what I use for playing online matches with.

Is that because on the CRT TV...

MCZ|Daigo: Yep, it's less laggy. And the thing is, if I use the CRT TV for playing anything other than online matches, I'd start to get cognizant of the lag on the LCD monitor [so I use the LCD monitor for offline training]. Whenever a foreign tournament is coming up, I'll just stick to training with the LCD monitor.

Do you play on LCD monitors that match the ones used at the actual tournaments? Which brand do you have?

MCZ|Daigo: A few different brands. Well, I don't actually own the monitors since it's all at a friend's place. But for instance, we've got the Asus monitor that's used at EVO, a BenQ...

And of course, you own a Sony monitor, right? (Zhi's asking this because the livestream was made possible by Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation)

MCZ|Daigo: Yes -- but I have that at home... and that's about it, I think (in terms of which monitors Daigo has access to). What was the brand of the monitor I received at the tournament the other time? The Hong Kong one?


MCZ|Daigo: Ah, I see. So, yeah, we've got a few.

With the previous version of the game, SSF4 AE2012, it seems to the Taiwanese fans that you spent a lot more time training on the console version of the game. But with Ultra Street Fighter 4, it looks like you've been spending a lot more time at the arcades instead. Is this because the level of play in Japan for USF4 is higher at the arcades? What are the considerations you make for whether you'll be spending more time on the console or arcade verison of the game?

MCZ|Daigo: Right, one of the reasons is that the player level at Shinjuku Taito Station arcade is very high. And the other main reason is that, since USF4 was launched in arcades first, I've gotten used to training there and so just continued with the status quo even after the console version was released.

But as moving forward, more and more tournaments in Japan and overseas are being held with the console version of the game, so I'll... probably be splitting up my time with both versions, and spend more time with whichever version (console or arcade) an upcoming tournament will be played on. So if it's an arcade tournament, I'd go practice in the arcades. If it's a console tournament, I'd practice on that.

But as for why I've been spending a lot of time playing the arcade version instead, well, personally I do prefer playing in the arcades. But it's also due to the high level of play over there.

Does Daigo plan on playing Ryu at tomorrow's tournament? It's been a long time since he's played Ryu...

MCZ|Daigo: No, I do not plan to.

It's said that sugar improves one's ability to concentrate. Does Daigo ever take sweet treats to improve his play condition?

MCZ|Daigo: Yep, sometimes I do. At the Shinjuku Taito Station arcade, they do peddle ice cream (from a vending machine). So there are times when I go like, "I feel like having an ice cream."

When I train for over a 3-hour period, and start to feel my concentration levels dropping, that's when I usually take a break to have an ice cream.

At EVO, Daigo lost to a Ryu player. So is he planning on using any sub-characters during tomorrow's tournament or at Topanga League? It doesn't have to be Ryu for his sub character. Like what if he has to fight another Ryu player again?

MCZ|Daigo: Nope, no sub characters. I'm only going to play Evil Ryu.

As for the vs. Ryu match, the next time I'm going to play differently from the previous time. I've got a game plan in mind.

Even at Topanga League, where you're allowed to register a main and a sub character?

MCZ|Daigo: Yes, even Topanga League.

For some of the tournaments Daigo has played in, he'd play an extremely aggressive footsies style, but at EVO he plays a more defensive style. So under what conditions does he change his play style, from a defensive style to an aggressive one?

MCZ|Daigo: One thing I look at is the match-up. For instance, with E. Honda I can be defensive as there's nothing Honda can do about the fireballs. But with Sagat and Guile, I'd have to be more aggressive for sure.

For certain characters it really depends on how I'm thinking about the match-up at that point in time. For instance, there are some match-up in which I may think it's better to be defensive, and then three months later I could change my mind about the match-up and think that I should be more aggressive instead.

During the test version of USF4, you played Hugo for a bit. But now that the game is out for a while, it seems like you don't play Hugo anymore. Why's that?

MCZ|Daigo: That's because... Hugo is a weak character *laughs*.

Maybe there are some match-ups where it's easier to fight with using Hugo than Evil Ryu, perhaps. So maybe in those circumstances it wouldn't be a bad idea to play Hugo against those match-ups instead of Evil Ryu.

Which match-ups are better for Hugo than with Evil Ryu?

For example... I don't know for sure. But for instance, maybe against C. Viper and T. Hawk. But I'm not very sure about that.

Gamerbee was recently crowned the champion at Shadaloo Showdown. The previous time Daigo played Gamerbee, he was able to capitalise on Gamerbee's openings very well with well-timed Shoryukens. But now that he's switched to Evil Ryu, does he have a new game plan against Gamerbee for tomorrow?

MCZ|Daigo: Personally I feel that the Adon match-up is probably even easier with Evil Ryu than Ryu. But with that said, I'm not particularly well-versed in this match-up, since the number of Adon players have dropped due to the character being weaker in USF4.

As for vs. Gamerbee tactics... I did have tactics for the previous time. But for tomorrow, I'll start thinking about them from now.

How does Daigo feel about about being depicted in a manga series? When you were a kid, have you ever thought you'd one day be depicted in a manga?

MCZ|Daigo: When I was younger, I never thought I'd be in a manga, naturally, even when I was a kid. But in the past I have thought before that it might be interesting if my life were depicted in a manga format, since I got to meet many different people, and there were a lot of funny incidents that happened. I've thought before, as a kid, that it might be interesting.

Who's the one Japanese player you would least want to fight against at an overseas tournament?

MCZ|Daigo: The one Japanese player I wouldn't want to face... in an overseas tournament? Don't you mean in a Japanese tournament... ah, you mean, who I wouldn't want to be stuck being in the same brackets with at an overseas tournament?

Hmmm... I'd say it'd probably be YHC_Mochi (Dhalsim). He doesn't go to overseas tournaments *laugh*, but if he were to go overseas I wouldn't want to be matched against him. And I've never had to face him at a tournament ever since that one Topanga tournament. Still, he's probably the number one player I wouldn't want to have to fight.

You can watch the entire interview stream archived here; however, the archive is only accessible to subscribers of the Tough Cookie TV Twitch channel.
Video from Tough Cookie TV.
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