Tekken 7 tentatively set for release in Japanese arcades February 2015; new batch of customization screenshots

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • October 20, 2014 at 1:18 p.m. PDT | Comments: 37

Bandai Namco Games held an amusement games machine business event for members of the trade and Japanese media at its Shinagawa, Tokyo headquarters earlier today.

At the event, Bandai Namco not only showed off a number of new titles -- such as Time Crisis 5 and Pocket Monster Battle Nine (which I am extremely relieved is not Pokken Tournament) -- but also revealed tentative pricing and release schedule details for Tekken 7 to arcade operators.

Check out the new Tekken 7 screenshots, along with arcade version release and pricing details below.

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According to this arcade machine listing from AM-Net (via AvoidingThePuddle), Tekken 7's Japanese arcade release date is tentatively set as February 2015. Two types of Tekken 7 machines will be available to operators, priced at 1,680,000 yen (~US$15,700) and 1,198,000 yen (~US$11,200) respectively.

It was also revealed at the event, according to Dengeki Online, that Tekken 7 would be running on a new circuit board that's different from the System 369 (used for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, based on PS3 specs) and System ES (PC-based architecture) currently used in other arcade games from Bandai Namco. Not much is known about this new board, except that it will support full HD.

Other details on the arcade version of Tekken 7 reported include an online rematch option that players can opt in to, after they've lost an opponent, and a daily bonus mechanic that will be implemented to encourage repeat visits to the arcade, on top of the jackpot bonus awarded at the end of every match.

Source: AvoidingThePuddle, Game Watch, Dengeki Online.
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