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'I'm not even supposed to be doing this... it all happened randomly' NuckleDu talks about his Street Fighter career, his future and Capcom Cup

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 29, 2014 at 6:59 p.m. PST • Comments: 38

The bracket is finally complete. Fighters from around the globe will be meeting in San Francisco on December 13th at the Warfield to compete for the title of "Champion" at this year's much anticipated Capcom Cup.

We were able to do an exclusive interview with the tournament's youngest combatant, newly sponsored Crs|NuckleDu.

Du discusses his career, his road to Capcom Cup, who he looks forward to fighting most and who he is most afraid of.

Hit the jump and check out the interview.
EventHubs: Which player are you most worried about playing at the Capcom Cup?
Crs|Nuckle Du: Snake Eyes is probably the hardest one to beat, for me at least.

EventHubs: Who do you think will win Capcom Cup?
Du:There are too many strong players in the tournament to really call a winner. But I think the person with the best chance is probably MD|Luffy.

EventHubs: Ono is gearing up for an announcement at Capcom Cup. What do you hope they'll be revealing?
Du: Hopefully they will give Guile's sunglasses some power up like they do with Wesker in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 haha. Honestly I'm pretty indifferent about it.

EventHubs: How do you feel about your competitive performance throughout 2014?
Du: I think I've done okay. I keep placing 2nd haha. I finally beat the one person I could never beat at The Fall Classic, which was a relief.

EventHubs: Who, if anyone, do you think should have qualified for the Capcom Cup but didn't make the cut?
Du: HORI|Sako. He won last year’s Capcom Cup I feel like he should've received an invitation at least. I would love to see FGC|Pepeday at Capcom Cup. Add another character to the variety of this tournament.

EventHubs: Is there anyone at the Cup that you have never faced but would really like to? Why do you want to play them?
Du: It would have to be Bonchan. He is one of the most solid, and clean players there are today and I have nothing but respect for him.

EventHubs: It has taken many players many years to perfect their craft enough to get to the level that you’re at now at age 18. How does it feel to be the youngest participant at such a prestigious event?
Du: It feels great. I'm glad that I could represent the younger crowd so I can show that no one is unbeatable. Hopefully, more younger players will take interest in fighting games and appreciate it.

EventHubs: How long do you plan to stay in the competitive fighting game scene? (Is this just a hobby or is it something you’ll be doing professionally still in 5 or 10 years?)
Du: I'm not even supposed to be doing this. It all randomly happened because my uncle forced me to play street fighter with him when I honestly wanted to infinite loop him with Flash, in Mortal Kombat vs DC. Capcom Cup is intense because there is a lot of money, and pride on the line. But besides this, it is very hard to sustain yourself just within the FGC. It's just rare events like these that make it worth all the hours worth of training. This is more of a hobby to me. When I am home I don't play video games. I am working towards being a social worker, in child protective services. But for now, I am traveling, and enjoying all of the great, and kind people I meet within these travels.

EventHubs: Where does qualifying for the Capcom Cup fall amidst your greatest achievements?
Du: I actually qualified for the 25th anniversary tournament in California, and Capcom Cup 2013 but for Street Fighter X Tekken. This has to be the biggest accomplishment in my fighting game career because I always wanted to be able to compete with the best there is and that's exactly what Capcom Cup is going to be for me. A chance to go up against the best.
Photo Source: Du's Twitter.
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