Yun travels straight through Elena with Lunge Punch; Balrog, Cody, and more cross over a downed Seth: Interesting USF4 pass-through glitches

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 17, 2014 at 7:22 p.m. PST

A couple of videos have recently surfaced that showcase a number of interesting cross over properties in Ultra Street Fighter 4. More commonly known as "pass-through glitches," the following footage features certain characters literally going through the opponent -- by way of specific setups -- when they normally wouldn't be able to.

The first example includes Yun and Elena. Apparently, when a player activates Yun's Genei-Jin Super and uses his Lunge Punch from close range, he'll pass right through the Capoeira fighter. This doesn't just apply to raw Lunch Punch, however, as we see that Yun still activates the pass-through property when mid-combo.

Additionally, Seth suffers a similar fate as Elena, only his occurs when he is downed. If Seth is knocked down and doesn't use quick rise, certain characters will be able to pass over to the other side of him using certain attacks. Characters such as Rose, El Fuerte, Balrog, Cody, and more can take advantage of this tricky little mix-up.

Editor's note: While the Yun glitch could potentially pose a problem in that match-up, these set-ups aren't game breaking in any way. Makoto can also pass over opponents with her forward + heavy kick, and this has been in the game since she was first introduced in Super Street Fighter 4.

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Submitted by SSK_freeno0b.
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