SCAN Ultra Street Fighter 4 invitational results ft. Ryan Hart, Valmaster, Problem X, ImStillDaDaddy, Halibel, Tyrant, Prey and YouGenius

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 16, 2014 at 9:05 a.m. PST

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The SCAN Ultra Street Fighter 4 invitational is a joint effort between SCAN Computers and Team Dignitas to bring some great exposure and hype from the European Street Fighter scene.

The players battle for £1900 ($2977), and eight of Europe's finest have been gathered. You can expect to see DIG|Ryan Hart, CG|Problem X, UM|ImStillDaDaddy and UM|Tyrant from the UK, TR|Halibel and TR|YouGenius from Germany, GL|Valmaster from France and LLL|Prey from The Netherlands.

Streaming duties are being handled by ReadyUpTV.
You can find the action live below.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Results

1. CG|Problem X (C. Viper, Seth)
2. GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li, Elena)
3. DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat, Yun)
4. UM|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile, Seth)
5. TR|Halibel (Ken)
5. TR|YouGenius (Vega)
7. LLL|Prey (Ibuki, Balrog, Poison)
7. UM|Tyrant (M. Bison, Poison)

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: CG|Problem X (C. Viper, Seth) eliminated GL|Valmaster (Elena, Chun-Li) 3-1.

• Losers finals: GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li) eliminated DIG|Ryan Hart (Yun, Sagat) 3-0.

• Winners finals: CG|Problem X (C. Viper) beat DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li) eliminated UM|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) 3-2.

• GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li) eliminated TR|YouGenius (Vega) 3-0.

• UM|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) eliminated TR|Halibel (Ken) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: CG|Problem X (C. Viper) beat GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: DIG|Ryan Hart (Sagat) beat UM|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) 3-2.

• TR|Halibel (Ken) eliminated UM|Tyrant (M. Bison) 3-1.

• TR|YouGenius (Vega) eliminated LLL|Prey (Ibuki, Poison) 3-0.

• GL|Valmaster (Chun-Li) beat UM|Tyrant (M. Bison, Poison) 3-0.

• CG|Problem X (C. Viper) beat TR|Halibel (Ken) 3-2.

• UM|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile, Seth) beat LLL|Prey (Ibuki, Balrog) 3-1.

• Ryan Hart (Sagat) beat TR|YouGenius (Vega) 3-1.

The bracket can be found at Binary Beast.

Via Team Dignitas.
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