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Yoshinori Ono tells us the Street Fighter X Tekken changes Capcom would make if they had the budget to put out another update

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • November 2, 2014 at 9:50 p.m. PST • Comments: 140

Capcom corporate officer Yoshinori Ono mentioned in an earlier interview with Famitsu's Ayana Tsubaki that if he were able to allot slightly more budget to Street Fighter X Tekken, he would love to put out another update for the game. He even said that the development team has got some ideas on what they'd like to change.

Back when we translated his thoughts on the matter in that interview, we found his comment to be quite the surprise. After all, it's been a fairly long amount of time since Street Fighter X Tekken has been spoken about in the limelight. I don't think anybody was even under the impression that we'd ever live to see another update to the game.

So when Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (Singapore branch) arranged for us to interview Yoshinori Ono ourselves at GameStart Asia 2014 in Singapore, we naturally had to press the man -- one of the most esteemed public faces of Capcom -- for more details about such a potential SFxT update, and how possible it would be for Capcom to approve it (for the sake of all you SFxT fans out there... anyone?).
KarbyP: In your interview with Ayana Tsubaki on Famitsu, you said that if you could allocate more budget to the development of Street Fighter X Tekken, you'd like to put out another update for the game. Is that still a possibility at this point in time? And regardless of whether or not it's possible, could you share with us what you'd like to change in such an update?
Yoshinori Ono: Ah... well first of all, with regards to what I said about if we had more budget, what I meant was, if we could get an additional US$3 million, we'll do it.

(The whole room erupted in laughter)

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong's translator: (Checking that she heard it correctly) US$3 million dollars?

Ono: Yes, if we could get US$3 million dollars.

As for what we'd like to do if we could update the game... firstly, we'd like to do another round of balance changes to the characters.

Next, we'd also love to change the way gems are used in the game. We've got some ideas on how to change them that we'd really love to implement, and we think that if we could implement these ideas in the right manner, there's a very good chance that we will be able to make the game very interesting and fun for a lot of people.

[Now that I've said this,] Sony is probably going to wire the US$3 million to my bank account tomorrow, I believe.

(The room once again erupts in laughter)

Ono: And if I really see the money there in my bank account... I think I'll be able to resign from Capcom in quick fashion.

As usual, Ono jests more than he's willing to reveal -- but it certainly sounds like he's dropped us a hint or two about the situation.

Judging from the sound of it, there's no mistaking that the development team behind Street Fighter X Tekken would absolutely love to rebalance the game one more time, and change the way gems are used in gameplay.

But don't hold your breath waiting for such an update patch. Ono's jokes about running away with the US$3 million -- if somebody really would wire him the money to make such an update -- highly suggests that the situation isn't something that he or anyone could truly change.

Or at least, that's what we think. Of course, there's a chance that our analysis of Ono's comments could be completely wrong, and that Capcom would literally approve an update to Street Fighter X Tekken the very moment US$3 million were to fall from the sky -- or raised from the fans -- to fund it.

I'm not going to try and stop you from trying, all you hardcore Street Fighter X Tekken fans out there!

All five of you reading this right now.
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