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Reminder: Vote for the 3 Japanese players you'd like to see compete at CEO 2014; Twitch will fly out the people with the most votes

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 2, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 168

Reminder: Voting closes tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT.

You've got the power to decide who Twitch will be providing plane rides for to compete at this year's CEO 2014 tournament.

The streaming company will be flying in three Japanese players into this year's event, but the catch is the community gets to decide who attends by voting on Twitter.

Check out the announcement below from Victor "Victheslik" Denchartphan. The entire piece is available after the jump.
Hello Friends!

It is my pleasure to announce a vote for the entire Fighting Game Community to choose three players from a pool of six to attend the CEO tournament. Based on availability, @Twitch will fly out the three players the community are rooting for the most!

As many of you know we have flown out YBK|Michael-tan & Wao previously to SCR, but this time we would love to hear who the community wants!

In order to vote, follow me on Twitter @Victheslik, then tweet the 3 players that you would like to see at CEO and retweet so as many voices can be heard!

And without further adieu the players are:


AE 2012's #1 Cammy wasn't just a one time appearance.

ACQUA believes she is still way too strong and you might be able to find out real soon!

Master of not only Cammy, but another secret character, Japan's reputation of using only one character will easily be broken if ACQUA steps foot into the States!


For five years you've heard of Akimo's polarizing Honda.

The #1 Honda now has a special lady assisting him... That's right, ranked as the #1 Elena.

This silent samurai is waiting for his opportunity to dance and strike all over his international opponents!


AE 2012 and USF4's top Dee Jay and Sakura feels it's time to challenge himself overseas for the 1st time!

If you're lucky he might even reveal how powerful Gen is in Ultra!

Don't sleep on this warrior, you might just get danced on.


That wild T. Hawk player you've seen at SBO wants his chance to soar above everyone in America!

With the now recently buffed T. Hawk, he just might be too much for his international counterparts!

Considered to many as been a master of psychic reads, he might already know who you want to see!


Japan's Number 1 Blanka and resident known joker is looking to roll over his international opponents!

This multi time SBO contender has been steam rolling opponents even easier than before!

Blanka in USF4 is a beast waiting to be awoken. Bring the real "Beast" to America!


That sexy Juri you've seen on numerous streams and tournaments wants another US title!

This previous EVO champion (Guilty Gear) wants to prove that Japan's #1 Juri can overcome all perceived bad match ups.

Hidden top tier? Do your part to find out!

The short bio’s for these players were brought to you by @Kim1234_ALL_DAY.
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