Daigo in 8th place with Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Nemo 1st with Rolento - Top 100 characters listed by BP

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 20, 2014 at 11:05 p.m. PDT

If you look at how the Japanese leaderboards for arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 are shaping up, you might be surprised to know that MCZ|Daigo Umehara, best known for playing Ryu in this series, appears to have unlocked his Dark Hadou is now playing Evil Ryu.

Umehara has the 8th overall spot in the USF4 arcade release, while BE|Nemo sits at the #1 spot in the rankings with his Rolento.

The BP rankings aren't the end all be all indicator of who's strong in this version of the game, but they do offer insight on who people are using.

After the jump, you'll find a listing of all of the characters who made the top 100 from a recent ranking breakdown, and how many times they appeared there. You'll also find notable details from the top 100 list.

Number of appearances in the top 100 for BP in Ultra Street Fighter 4's Japanese arcade release

- Rolento 9

- Guile 5
- Juri 5
- M. Bison 5
- Poison 5
- Ryu 5
- Sagat 5

- Chun-Li 4
- Elena 4
- T. Hawk 4

- Blanka 3
- C. Viper 3
- Ibuki 3
- Rose 3
- Yang 3

- Abel 2
- Adon 2
- Akuma 2
- Cammy 2
- E. Honda 2
- Evil Ryu 2
- Gen 2
- Guy 2
- Ken 2
- Seth 2
- Yun 2
- Zangief 2

- Balrog 1
- Cody 1
- Dhalsim 1
- Dudley 1
- Hugo 1
- Makoto 1
- Oni 1
- Rufus 1
- Sakura 1
- Vega 1

37 of the 43 characters were represented in the top 100. Dan, Dee Jay, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Gouken and Hakan were the only fighters who aren't in the top 100.

Notable details from the top 100 list

• BE|Nemo's Rolento is in the top spot overall.

• Daigo's Evil Ryu (8th) is ranked higher than his two Ryu cards (51st and 61st). OrO wrote to say Umehara has moved up even further now and is ranked 5th with Evil Ryu.

• Dogura is playing Rolento in this version, instead of M. Bison, and is currently ranked 33rd.

• Uryo is playing Poison instead of Sakura, and is ranked 64th.

• RZR|Itabashi Zangief is now playing T. Hawk instead of his namesake, ranked 70th currently.

• Nuki is ranked 85th with Chun-Li.

• Update: OrO wrote us to say that Amiyu is currently ranked 4th with Gen.

• AVM|GamerBee spent quite a bit of time training in Japan and left a ways back, but he's still in the top 100 with Adon at 93.

This was all based on Kyosuke's rankings for the arcade release of USF4, you can hit his page for more details.

Story via iPW, Evil Ryu artwork from Metooh. Mentioned by an anonymous reader.
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