'Decapre's U2 is arguably the best anti-fireball Ultra in the game; she can punish Guile's Sonic Boom on reaction' - DaFeetLee's Decapre write-up

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 16, 2014 at 3:20 p.m. PDT

Earlier this week, DaFeetLee uploaded a quick video that showcased a heavy-hitting Decapre combo in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Today, an in-depth character breakdown has been posted on his website that details Decapre's unique normals, special moves, and more.

This is an excellent write-up for anyone interested in Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth characters due to the amount of information divulged. Featured here is a list of her main bread and butter combos, discussion of the normal attacks she has that differ from Cammy's, the usefulness of her Ultras, and more.

According to this analysis, the ground version of Decapre's Ultra 2 (DCM) is one of, if not, the best anti-fireball Ultra in the game. The attack is lightning fast, and DaFeetLee notes that it can even punish Guile's Sonic Boom on reaction.

Hit the jump for a snippet of this awesome Decapre breakdown.

DCM (U2):

Ground version: charge b, f, b, f+kkk
Anti-air version: charge db, df, db, uf/ub+kkk

- Decapre’s U2. This is the ultra I generally use when I play her. The ground version of DCM is arguably the best anti-fireball ultra in the game. She travels almost instantaneously across the ground and she can even punish Guile’s sonic booms on reaction. I don’t believe the rumors that DCM is 3f/4f however because the only way I could combo into the ground version of DCM was if I got a counterhit cr.hp (much like Cammy’s old ch cr.hp U1 combo).

The anti-air version of DCM is also incredibly fast. If you’re holding a db charge against a neutral jumping opponent, you can punish their neutral jumps if you do anti-air DCM. It also punishes regular jumpins really well. Decapre can combo into anti-air U2 if she hits an early anti-air Psycho Sting or if she hits an EX Scramble ground pound.

For the entire scoop on Decapre in Ultra Street Fighter 4, be sure to check out DaFeetLee's write-up.

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