'Juri has one of the strongest Ultras, not used to its true potential' - PR Balrog on what characters he wants to play in Ultra SF4, and why

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • May 15, 2014 at 12:03 p.m. PDT

EG|PR Balrog is widely regarded as the best Balrog player in the world, and has achieved some truly incredible results with the character. Despite this, after his experience at Topanga World League, the player noted that there may be no future with the character.

In a recent post on his Evil Geniuses blog, PR Balrog lists four characters he's considering picking up in Ultra Street Fighter 4, but also noting that he's still going to be using his signature Balrog, as well. To start you off, here's a snippet about what he wrote regarding his first pick, Juri.

Juri's a character that not a lot of players know about very well. She can be one of the most annoying characters in the game because she has an unusual hitbox that not all combos work on, her zoning is somewhat above average, her air to air buttons are strong, and her Feng Shui Engine Ultra is in my opinion one of the strongest Ultras in the game and most Juri players don't use it at its full potential, but now in Ultra she gets some amazing changes that will make her a lot scarier on the ground and her reversal is now better.

Hit the jump to hear what EG|PR Balrog had to say about his other 3 picks.

Next, PR Balrog talked about Evil Ryu, who he's been noted for playing with quite a bit already in AE v2012.

While Evil Ryu is already a strong character in AE: 2012, the new changes to the system hurt him on the Okizeme side but increases the spacing/footsie traits of the character. When I saw the USF4 changes I said that characters with power and corner carry were going to be stronger than most of the cast and this is why Evil Ryu is one of my picks. He has the ability of taking 40%-50% of a C. Forward (Medium Kick) and if there is more meter to be spent then he basically takes you to the corner.

PR Balrog also expressed interest in Chun-Li, who a lot of people are keeping their eye on for the new version. On the first lady of fighting games, PR Balrog had this to say:

While I never thought Chun was a bad character, she was never a good one in AE: 2012. The character has every tool to be the best character in the game, but the changes made from SSF4 to AE basically destroyed her.

Now with the new changes to the system of the game make her a strong character since she lost so much to vortex characters. She also has her SSF4 anti-air back which is 3+short (Low Kick) with an already incredible ground game.

Over on the blog, EG|PR Balrog also notes what he thinks about Yang and the most notable changes for each character, as well as his reason for wanting new characters and why he's interested in these four. For the full scoop from PR Balrog himself, check out our source.

Source: PR Balrog's EG Blog.

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