Daigo conducts an Easy Operation and Shirou becomes Cody-pendant - New Taito Channel Ultra Street Fighter 4 videos focus on Guile and Cody's changes

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • May 15, 2014 at 5:24 a.m. PDT

It is time, yet again, for some new character walkthroughs from the Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nesica website. This time, the candidates are Guile and Cody, which are covered by MCZ|Daigo and Shirou, respectively.

While the changes to Guile and Cody might not be final, since Capcom are still fine-tuning the game for the console release, these videos give a good idea of what's good about the changes both characters have received thus far.
Hit the jump for the videos, and personal translations from EventHubs' very own MajinTenshinhan.

First up is MCZ|Daigo's walkthrough of Guile. Check out MajinTenshinhan's translation of what he had to say below.

The character Guile's most basic tool is his Sonic Boom. The Sonic Boom, of course, won't come out unless you charge, but in exchange for that its properties are probably the best among all projectiles in the game. You aren't open for very long when firing it, and its recovery is quick, so I think that it's fair to say that this is the strongest projectile move in the game.

Besides that... Well, all of his special moves are charge moves, so even if you aren't very good at command moves, you can just pick him up and play him. I think that he's an easy character to use for people who are just now starting to play Street Fighter.

His Flash Kick is a basic anti-air, and you can use it like this. He can also use it as a good combo ender, as you can see. In this version, Guile's changes have been pretty much only buffs, so I think he's gotten a lot stronger as a character. The biggest buff for him is probably the changes to his Ultra 1. In the last version, when Guile got knocked down, he became pretty fragile, and the Ultra 1 would go the wrong way on wakeup.

In the new version, it autocorrects, and he starts somersaulting the other way if the opponent crosses you up on wakeup, as you can see. I think that this is probably his biggest change in the new version. Also, its startup used to be 7 frames but has now become 5 frames, so it has become even easier to use. Guile's crouching light punch has also been made to be +5 frames on hit, so in this new version you can do things that weren't at all possible before.

Something that I personally find interesting is that his crouching medium kick has gotten better. In past games, crouching medium kick was a very key tool for Guile, so I think that people who used to play him in previous games will feel right at home with him in the new version.

Guile has always been good at guarding, but in exchange his offense hasn't been as strong, but in this new version his Ultra Combo 1 has become a lot easier to use, and has many more opportunities for you to land it, and I think that this is something that a lot of Guile players will be happy to see. Also, as for more fine details, his air throw and Flash Kick getting minute improvements makes me feel like he's getting better and better bit by bit.

Next is Shirou's walkthrough of Cody. Read the translation from MajinTenshinhan below.

Until now, Cody has been a character who needs to find a way to approach his opponent, since a lot of his moves are advantageous, framewise, in close range. First, from long range, you have to use his projectile to get to mid-range, and once you're in mid-range make use of tools such as Crack Kick and Stomach Blow.

One problem Cody used to have is that his Crack Kick, which looks airborne, was actually fully grounded for the entire duration, so if the opponent got a hit on him, Cody would be risking some serious punishment for trying to get close. But in this version, it has airborne frames, and when people try to stop you from getting it, you'll flip in the air instead, which lowers the risk of using this move by a lot. This is a pretty strong move, so one might say that Cody has gotten another tool to get close from mid-range.

In the new version, they've buffed the knife quite a bit. It has armor-breaking properties when you throw it, which is a pretty simplistic buff. But if you hold the knife, it's now possible to combo with where it wasn't possible before, such as after a crouching light kick into Criminal Upper. Getting to add an extra move after your finisher for each combo really adds up after a while, so this is another pretty simple improvement that makes him stronger.

Also, Cody's Zonk hasn't been focus cancellable unless it's the EX version in the previous version, but now you can focus cancel it even if it's the normal version. This lets you use a zonk against your opponents projectile, and even if they recover quick enough to block it, you can focus cancel it to make yourself safe. His crouching medium kick, the slide, has been -6 against blocking opponents, but now it's only -2 which makes it virtually unpunishable. I believe that this, together with the improved Crack Kick, makes it a lot easier for Cody to close in from mid-range to close range.

Cody has gotten a lot stronger in general with this new version, a buff that makes me particularly happy is the one to his Crack Kick, which was intended to let you close in on your opponent. Since you won't as easily get heavily punished for using it anymore, I think that it's become a lot more worthwhile. Also, his crouching medium kick practically never gets punished now, and with these two changes together with his jumpin and the unchanged Stomach Blow, I think he has it a lot easier to get into his favourable range. Also, the knife changes give Cody some minute new opportunities, and overall I think that he's gotten a lot of fun changes this time around.

What are your thoughts on the changes that have been made to these two characters? Let us know in the comments.

Both videos come courtesy of Taito Channel.

Source: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nesica site.
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